13 Examples of going against the trends and being different.

Here are a few examples where people turned different by not following the trends

Trends went different

According to research, there are at least 18 different features of highly creative people. Each situation in their lives is an opportunity to express themselves.

1-The Pencil Arrangement

pencil arrangement.

This is made with the use of pencils only. The picture is showing the creativity of the person and everyone cannot do the same. The pencils are arranged in a very fine way.

2. A wedding cake has a customized theme

A different type of wedding cake

You can try this if your groom loves video games and you don’t want to hide this fact from the world. This wedding cake is designed by a bride for his groom.

You can see the gaming theme of the cake. In this way, the bride is showing the world that his husband loves to play video games.

3. Give him a  role already

He’s ready for a different role.

It took a while s to realize the kid on the poster-board is not a kid on the poster-board. Someone should give a role to this boy as he is posing like a real one. He is unique, not everyone has this kind of talent.

4. Wedding streamed live on the internet

Wedding streamed live

As we all know that dinosaurs became extinct at this time. But these people in Las Vegas has organized their wedding with dinosaurs. As a result, their wedding streamed live on the internet.

5. Faces drawn on fans

Faces drawn on fans

These are two same fans in a house and it is difficult to recognize that which fan belongs to whom. So they have drawn faces on them. They have also named these fans as Bill and Andrew.

6. A cook with a different imagination.

The cook has a different imagination.

This cook has made a very creative picture using broccoli. You can also try such creativity by using some food products.

7. The illusion of daylight on the ceiling

A different illusion

This work has been done on the ceiling in order to give the illusion of daylight outside during night shift. It looks beautiful.

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8. A new way to send your CV

Sending your CV in a different way

This trick would work really fast. Especially with how well dressed he is.

9. Deadpool 2 poster

A different poster of Deadpool 2

This is a college’s cinema door. They didn’t have the poster for Deadpool2 so they improvised it.

10. Glow in the dark toilet

A dark toilet glowing

It is a good idea which can be used in a dark toilet or in case if you don’t have a light or a bulb in your toilet. You can call it ‘a glow in the dark toilet.

11. Old TV can be utilized in a different way

A different use of old TV

It’s quite strange but we have found a great idea to use our old TV. As you can see in the picture, you can use it as a center table and you can put your things over it.

12. Swimming Without water

Swimming in a different way

It’s okay if you do not know how to swim. You can do it without water as you can see. It’s not a problem if there is no water in a pool. But obviously, it’s lame too!

13. What haircut would you like?

I want a new haircut.

This guy can’t decide what haircut he actually wants. He did an experiment on his hair. He has done various haircuts all at once.

These were some of the fun people going against the trends and being different. Let us know which one did you like the most

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