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Imran Khan was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in August 2018, watering down the innumerable aspirations of the opposition and crushing their nefarious aims.
Despite no cooperation by the opposition, and this government will not last, the government will end in two years, the government will be overthrown in January, the government will be overthrown in March, a no-confidence motion will be brought as like hollow slogans Imran Khan did not come under the pressure and The journey of completion of the harmonious new Pakistan of the State of Madina has been going on.
Here is a glimpse of the achievements of the PTI in the three years of its regime.

The biggest achievement of PTI is successful foreign policy in which the most important issue is the best diplomacy of Kashmir. It was the effect of Imran Khan’s efforts that for the first time the western world wrote on Indian atrocities. It was his courage and boldness that exposed Modi’s Hitlerism and the RSS Nazism to the world.

After Kashmir, the Afghanistan issue is also a testament to Imran Khan’s far-sightedness and perfect intelligence. Imran Khan’s statement that India is the biggest loser in Afghanistan proved to be true. Pakistan played the role of mediator between Afghanistan and the United States. He resolved the issue of civil war in Pakistan over Afghanistan in the best possible way.

PTI has been Introducing a new era in foreign relations. The ruler of a country whose rulers have always been accustomed to say “Yes” tells the world that Pakistan is a free country by calling “Absolutely not” to the United States,
And now the world has to get used to this new independent Pakistan

For the first time in the PTI government, Pakistan raised the issue of war crimes against Israel at the United Nations and succeeded in doing so. It is a great achievement of Imran Khan that despite extreme pressure, he did not recognize Israel and told the world. That Pakistan will stand up for every oppressed Muslim whether he is Kashmiri, Palestine or anywhere in the world.

Past rulers have always maintained relations with Arab countries for personal gain. Imran Khan is the only ruler who did not seek any gain for himself but demanded the release of oppressed Pakistani prisoners stranded abroad and Told the haters that Imran Khan is not fighting for his personal interests but for the welfare and survival of Pakistan and Pakistani people.

PTI has established a relationship of trust with Russia and China.

Imran Khan’s environmentally friendly activities were appreciated by the world Globally and for the first time in history, Pakistan was honored to lead the World Environment Day.

If we look at the internal affairs after foreign affairs, the first issue in these three years is COVID_19 which shook the whole world, including the big developed countries. But after Allah’s Help it is proof of Imran Khan’s great vision that when the whole world was under siege, the PTI introduced Smart Lockdown which was appreciated globally, and today, thank God, Pakistan is making its own vaccine.
its a silent slap to those conscientious objectors who call India better than Pakistan that India ranks third in the list of 50 worst countries in terms of Corona while Pakistan ranks third in the list of countries that have best controlled Corona.

Prime Minister Imran Khan emerged as the protector of the Prophet Hood and for the first time the roar of La ilah illah was heard in the Western houses.
In three years of PTI, Prime Minister Imran Khan fought against Islam Phobia in every forum of the world and made the world aware of the brutal face of India.

There has always been a state of tension between governments and institutions in the past. For the first time, the Pakistani government and institutions are standing on one page, which is a very disturbing situation for anti-state elements.

During the three-year tenure of the PTI government, the NAB recovered RS 500 billion, which is double the recovery of RS 290 billion during the 18-year tenure of the previous governments.

Stability in the economy is a great achievement, taking action against flour, Chinese petrol mafia, overcoming all the crises that previous governments have never done.

The government, which started with a 20 billion account deficit, has taken the current account deficit to a record hight of 25 billion Surplus Which is the Highest surplus yet.

Prime Minister’s Ehsas program launching Shows Imran Khan’s sentiments and his concern for the poor and the working class.

To provide free treatment regardless of poor or rich PTI government issues health cards in all provinces.

PTI has strengthened the determination of the youth By organizing a successful youth program and give them an opportunity to advance their potential.
Despite Corona in the three years of Imran Khan’s regime Significant growth in the textile sector, the automobile, construction industry, stock exchanges have been taken place.

The 3 years of PTI Proved to be very useful for farmers and agriculture. Developments have been made in agriculture department and the issuance of Kisan Card to all formers has open a new era of opportunities for small farmers to move forward.

Its PTI government who equal and free rights to women and minorities as ordered in Islam.

Its ever first time in 74- Years Pakistan history, that a government worked for the rights of eunuchs and established educational institutions for third gender.

The establishment of shelters for needy and helpless is an everlasting step by the PTI government , which has provided shelter to millions of homeless people.

The establishment of nationwide anchorages under the No one Sleep hungry Program and mobile anchorages is an important step towards Prime Minister Imran khan’s vision of completing the state of Madina.

The PTI has helped thousands of homeless people build their homes under the affordable housing scheme over the past three years.
In the last three years, the PTI government has also worked on educational reforms where the establishment and development of e-libraries has progressed. On the other hand, the implementation of uniform curriculum has saved many students from feeling inferior and strengthened the ideology of the Prime Minister, not two, but one Pakistan.
In these three years where the PTI has achieved a lot, despite the increase in employment opportunities, the monster of inflation has gripped the people. Hopefully in the next two years Imran Khan will be able to overcome it and the poor people Will get relief.

Inshallah, the next two years will be the years of development and prosperity of Pakistan while the years of the opposition will be bad.
This Prime Minister, elected by Allah and the people, will not only complete this term but will also be elected for the next five years.

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