RS.326 billion recovered from corrupt so far – Chairman NAB

RS.326 billion recovered from corrupt so far – Chairman NAB


  • NAB recovered RS.326 billion from corrupt
  • NAB officers consider elimination of corruption as their national duty
  • NAB is utilizing available resources to punish the money looters

The Chairman NAB, Justice Javed Iqbal reiterated his firm resolve of taking mega corruption cases into logical conclusion was the topmost priority of NAB.

NAB kept following the policy of ‘Accountability for All’ by eliminating the risk of corruption from the country and recovering the looted money from the corrupt.

Presiding over the Bureau’s Executive Board Meeting (EBM), Chairman NAB told:

“NAB has so far recovered record RS. 326 billion from the corrupt and deposited into the national exchequer”

He said that corruption is the main hurdle in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and the bureau is utilizing all available resources to punish the corrupt.

“NAB officers consider elimination of corruption as their national duty as making the country corruption free Pakistan is our faith,” he added.

The chairman said that the anti-graft watchdog has filed 3,484 corruption references in various accountability courts, besides depositing RS.303.767 billion in the national exchequer after recovering from the corrupt elements till Jan 31st, 2019.

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NAB had also accorded approval for conducting 4,219 investigations and 8,881 inquiries.NAB has received 419,398 corruption complaints, out of which conducting complaint verifications of 13,722 were approved.

NAB has also filed 105 mega corruption references from out of 179 cases, besides conducting inquiries of 15 cases, 40 cases have been disposed of, whereas 19 cases were at the investigation stage, which are being pursued in accordance with the law.

Chairman said the Bureau has so far received 419,398 corruption applications, out of which the bureau approved conducting 13,722 complaint verifications were conducted, 8,881 inquiries, 4,219 investigations.


Eradicating corruption and taking corruption cases to the logical conclusion is NAB’s priority. Besides recovering the looted money, absconders will be arrested and taken to task as per law. This will help to put Pakistan on road to progress.



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