5 steps to get started with online earning | A free comprehensive guide

As the scope of online earning grows, more and more people want to do it. Here we have a detailed guide to get started with it.

Before we talk about the steps to earn online, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • This is not going to be easy in the beginning.
  • Online earning is like starting a business from scratch which takes time and effort.
  • It is good to be inspired by the successful freelancers but please, do not expect the same results right in the beginning.
  • Be mentally prepared to face the challenges like rejections, low earnings or up and downs.
  • Our intention was not to scare you with the points above. We are going to help you on how you can get over all these challenges.

So let’s start

1 – Master the skill of communication

No matter what are your skills, you’re gonna have to communicate with your clients and other people. You have to write your messages and emails with no grammatical errors. The message should be in a professional way as you would do while working for a company.

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The first mistake our newbies make is their weak communication. Here are a few examples of how you can improve your communication.

The role of communication in online earning.

Your communication is as important as mastering a skill. Once you’re good at communication, half of your work is already done. This leads us to the second step, let’s move on.

2-Find what you’re good at.

Passion to do something.

When it comes to earning online, you might have heard numberless methods. Like viewing or clicking ads, typing or copy-pasting. All of these methods might help a little for the time being but we’re discussing a skill-based earning in this article. Need to master a skill for a good start and a healthy growth.

  • One has to figure out what they are good at.
  • You have to be passionate about doing it.
  • Willing to do it even at lower rates in the beginning.
  • Always keep learning about it.
  • Be inspired by someone’s work but don’t copy it.
  • Always create your own content.

The journey of online earning requires a lot of patience in the beginning. You have to choose something you actually love doing so you can always keep doing it and ultimately master it.

3-Skills you can learn to earn online

Skills to learn to earn.

Here is a list of things that you can do to earn online

  • Creative designing – Creating logos, posters, brochures, and posters.
  • Writing– Its an evergreen skill, from newspapers to electronic media, the social media, online magazines, and blogs. Creative writing is always a high demand.
  • Video Editing – With the rise of social media, video content is highly viral and demanded. Mastering the skill of video editing can lead you to a good fortune.
  • Web development –  Web is always going to be there and so is web development. Learning web development is a good source of income once you’re good at it.
  • E-Commerce – If you are one of the people who can invest some money in the beginning, E-Commerce is the deal for you. E-Commerce does not only mean that you have to buy the stock and physically keep it with you. Keeping the inventory is not necessary for E-commerce now. You can research on Drop Shipping and sell the stuff online without even touching the product.
  • 3D– Modeling in 3D is a wide field with more opportunities. You can do the architectural modeling of interiors and exteriors of buildings, Go for the character modeling for animated videos or choose the visual effects, 3D has some great outcomes to offer in terms of income.

4-Platform to sell your skills.

Platforms to sell your skills online

Once you have a skill, now its time to sell it so you can earn. There are dozens of platforms with countless clients. Here is a list of legit platforms where you can earn as a freelancer:


Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms for freelancing. You can sell pretty much any skill on Fiverr. From graphic design to video editing, contenting writing to voice over, web developer to software development, you can sell them all on this platform.

How does it work? 

Fiverr works with making Gigs. A gig is like a showcase of your service. You display all of the details and pricing of a service in a package and post it on a profile. The people who are looking for that work will access you as your gig appears in their search results.

The minimum price of a service is $5 on Fiverr. The more orders you get, the more you start appearing in search results. You can even send the requests to convince someone to buy your gig. There is a limited number of buyer requests which you can make.


Freelancer.com is another gigantic platform for freelancers. It delivers the same purpose as fiver but it works in a different way. Instead of showcasing your services in a gig and waiting for clients to come, You can directly bid on projects on Freelancer. The bid that is typed in the more professional way and cheap rates is likely to get the project.


Upwork is one of the top platforms for earning online. The approval process on this platform is a bit different than the others. As it takes some extra time and effort if you’re choosing an Asian country while you sign up. It works with the same bidding.

The rates and quality of work on Upwork are much better than the other platforms. This is what makes it stand out.

People Per Hour

A platform that works in a different way when compared to the ones mentioned above. People Per Hour asks you for your per hour rate when you sign up. People are paid according to their hourly rate for a specific task.

Build your own spot

Other than signing up on these platforms, you can set up your own spot for your service. You get a website of your own where you showcase your products. Making a Facebook page can also help if you manage it the right way. This leads us to the fifth and last point of this article, how to get the work/clients.

5-Spread the word

Share your online work portfolio.

Once you’re done with all of the 4 points above, now is the time to spread the word. Now you have the skill and a platform to showcase your services. It is time to let everyone know about it.

Here are some effective ways to do that:

  • Share your freelance profiles on your social media.
  • Make a Facebook page and create some awesome content. Share your services there once you have a good fan base.
  • Try a few paid promotions if you can afford.
  • Send the messages to buyers/clients on your freelancing profile. Do not copy paste the same message, type a custom message. Explaining how you can be a great help.
  • Facebook is much more than a social media and entertainment place. Use it to spread your content and services.

We have tried our best to explain the whole process of getting started with online earning. We hope that it will help you get started. We’re always here to help you, comment below if you want to ask anything or directly contact us at [email protected] 

We will individually respond to each one of you.

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