7 ‘Finger Licking Good’ Niharis You Can Have In Lahore

There’s hardly a Pakistani who doesn’t love Nihari, and those who don’t; well! Sorry! we doubt you of even being a Pakistani. And this love for Nihari is not even limited to some city or province as its a universal favorite cuisine. No matter if you are a Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi Pathan or even a Kashmiri.

I mean who doesn’t love making their day special with a perfect plate of nihari.

The origins of Nahari go back to the Indian subcontinent and it consists of slow-cooked meat mainly shank meat of beef or mutton whereas, chicken nihari is also keenly eaten by those who are not huge fan of red meat.

If you are a Lahori you might be able to add to this list two or three motre options,

But if you are an outsider and find yourself in Lahore and we have some places for you to visit.

1: Waris Nihari House

One the very famous and old names in Lahore, Waris Nihari is Located at New Anarkali Road. The place is best known for its delicious nihari and you will always find it as a top recommendation by the locals or even if you Google “best nihari in Lahore”. The menu here has covered various variety of niharis. Their most special ones include beef nihari, bong nihari, and mutton nihari, however you can always go for chicken nihari if you are planning on going a bit low profile. (pun intended)

waris - best nihari in lahore pakistan

2: Muhammadi Nihari House

Muhammadi Nihari House is one of the famous nihari places in Lahore. They have a wide range of nihari menu; you can get beef nihari with Nalli fry, beef and chicken plain nihari, beef and chicken nihari fry, beef maghaz nihari, and special beef nihari fry. Muhammadi Nihari is located at Khyaban e Jinnah, as well as Old Mozang Lahore.

muhammad nihari - best nihari in lahore pakistan

3: Haji Sahib Nihari Waly

It is a well-reputed restaurant in Lahore that serves various Asian cuisines. This restaurant is famous for its delicious nihari and is located at the Jail Road, Lahore. It is one if the oldest nihari restaurants in Lahore. You can get rich in taste and spicy nihari from there. Moreover, prices are quite reasonable.

haji sahib nihari - best nihari in lahore pakistan

4: Monal Lahore

Monal as well all know is famous restaurant of Islamabad but its Lahore Branch is located at Park and Ride Plaza, Liberty Roundabout, Lahore. Its is already famous for its buffet and food quality but they are not less then anyone when it comes to serving some quality Beef Nihari and even better option when you are fan of great ambiance.

monal - best nihari in lahore pakistan

5: Dogar Restaurant Lahore

Dogar is famous restaurant located at DHA Phase 1. It has diverse variety of different dishes and cuisines. This restaurant is famous for its delicious breakfast and top of their breakfast deals include and exquisite nihari. The nihari they serve is one of the best in DHA. They offer better taste and quantity. At an economical price, Dogar restaurant offers great Nihari to you.

dogar - best nihari in lahore pakistan

6: Chit Chaat

Located at 4 Jail Road, Lahore, this café-style restaurant is to provide the local street food with a healthy, accessible, hygienic, nutritious menu and environment. They too have a delicious nihari option at cost effective prices. The ambiance and quality are super satisfactory. Chit Chaat is looking to brand local food under the slogan ‘Mere Des Ka Fast Food’. Because of its clean environment and healthy food, this place is a must-try.

chit chaar - best nihari in lahore pakistan

7: Capri

This restaurant is located at 34 Commercial Zone near Bundu Khan, Lahore. This restaurant provides good quality food at very reasonable prices. You can get the best beef nihari from here. On weekends you have to reach early in the morning to reserve good seat otherwise you may miss their delicious breakfast.

capri - best nihari in lahore pakistan

Written by: Zain Itrat

The writer has visited these places and wrote this blog after tasting all of these Niharies. Let us know what do you think about these places.

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