9 Things to know about Dr Arif Alvi – President of Pakistan

Dr. Arif Alvi has been elected as the 13th President of Pakistan.

9 Things to know about Arif Alvi, the president of Pakistan.

Here are the 9 things you need to know about him 

1-A dentist

Dr Arif Alvi as a dentist

Dr. Arif Alvi is a dentist by profession, holds a professional degree from the University of Michigan and University of Pacific.

2-Personal Life

Dr Arif Alvi with his family

Arif Alvi is married to Samina Alvi and has four children. All of their children are married and well settled.

3-Political Career

His political career started in his student life, because of his affiliation with the politics back in the 60s. While studying in the college, he was the active member of the student union. He was affiliated with the Islami Jamiat e Talaba, the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami

4- Journey with PTI


Mr. Alvi is one of the pioneer members of PTI and joined Prime Minister Imran Khan in his early days of politics. He also played the huge part in the struggle of Imran Khan.

He was the part of PTI’s central executive council since 1996, after that he was appointed as PTI’s President from Sindh.

He was appointed the vice president of Party and then the secretary general, on which he worked till 2013.

5-Author of PTI constitution

He is among the few original authors of the constitution of Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf.

6-Contesting the election

He contested the election from the sindh assembly seat in 2002 and 1997 and remained unsuccessful

7-In National Assembly

He first entered in the National assembly after winning the general election in 2013.

8-Party’s presidency

He became the president of Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf in 2016

9-The President of Pakistan

In Election 2018, he was elected as the member of Parliament from NA-247  Karachi. Then he was nominated for the presidential elections of Pakistan. Resigns from his NA seat, contests the presidential election and becomes the president of Pakistan.

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According to the party sources, Dr. Arif Alvi became the trustee of the trust established by Shrinbai Jinnah ( Quaid E Azam’s siter) to which she gave all her belongings. Including the Mohatta palace in Karachi. He is also the trustee of many charitable orgnizations.


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