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The accountability of 24000 billion rupees

Chobis Hazar Arab ka Hissab (Part I)

24,000 Arab, an “amount” that takes us all 10 years down the memory lane. This little trip makes one question what is this Chobis Hazar Arab?  Well folks, the Rs. 24,000 billion was an amount borrowed in a successful collaborated effort of Zardari-Nawaz governments which has dragged us in this horrible dark pitch. This is an amount so huge that may need more than a few mere pages to account here. So let’s begin this journey with a trip to the past. Unveiling the damages done by these two governments one by one.
To begin with, let’s ask ourselves, where did all those loans vanish to? And Out of this Rs. 24,000 billion sums, what has been left for the current government? The answer is Massive debts with skyrocketing interest and empty treasure!
“It was indeed Rs. 24,000 Billion after all”
For now, let’s stride out of our luxurious well-fed lives and take a peek into the lives of people whose little bundles of joys perish into miseries due to severe lack of affordable health care. Pakistan is among countries with the worst infant mortality rate. Numbers remain horrific on this count. One wonders where this huge debt of Rs. 24,000 Billion had been spent on?; If not on the well-being and care of their newly born citizens.
Furthermore, the lucky ones who survive this battle, out of these about 45% suffer from stunting growth. This means that our children can’t reach their maximum height potentials. Their body doesn’t develop and their brain doesn’t fully function, this is not only inhumane but also disastrous for our economy as they lack the intellectual ability to contribute towards the development of our country. In addition to this, because of their restricted brain development, they are prone to more health problems compared to a sound healthy mind. According to a survey, about 2.5% of Pakistan’s GDP is lost due to stunting growth as weak body yielded lower productivity. This, in turn, has caused us to save less because of high medical bills.
In the last 10 years, the literacy rate was 55.53% whereas till 2018 it only rose up to 58%. With the sixth largest population consisting of 8th largest youth pool in the world and five times more the debt than the total debt accumulated in the first 60 years of Pakistan; We snail speeded our literacy rate merely up to 3% in that Zardari-Nawaz era of governance
This is not all folks, Hissab ho ga, sab ka ho ga aur shuru say ho ga!

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