AirBlue Brings COVID Patients With Fake Negative Reports – Action Taken

  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has taken an action against AirBlue
  • The airline was bringing Corona-positive patients with fake PCR tests 
  • AirBlue is owned by the former Prime Minister and PMLN-leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. 
AirBlue Brings COVID Patients With Fake Negative Reports - Action Taken
AirBlue Brings COVID-19 Positive Patients With Fake Negative Reports 

Here is the official document from CAA that explains the whole story:

Airblue penalty by CAA
Airblue penalty by CAA

Background of the story:

As you might already know that a negative report of Corona-test is required in order to travel internationally. Many of the passengers were being forced to stay because their reports came out positive.

In the beginning, some travel agents were helping the passengers to get a fake PCR test that comes out negative. This time, it wasn’t merely a travel agent but a whole airline.

AirBlue has been found assisting the process of generating fake PCR reports. These fake test reports allowed the passengers to travel internationally. AirLines had to face huge losses due to a ban on travel and AirBlue found a way to cover that loss.

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Action Against AirBlue:

As the letter states:

“The Competent Authority has decided to take penal action against the airline under Civil Aviation Rules 1994 by revoking the authorization/permission issued to Airblue flight PA611 Dubai-Peshawar on May 17, 2021.  Any further violation shall entail more stringent penal action.”

The owner and history of AirBlue:

The Airline was founded back in 2003 by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, ex-PM of Pakistan and a prominent PMLN-leader. In 2016, Khaqan Abbasi denied having any stake in the company while surprisingly, AirBlue was rapidly growing in PMLN’s tenure of 2013-2018.

The company has been in the news since Khaqan Abbasi became the prime minister of Pakistan. Although he has denied having any links to Air Blue but being its founder, there are chances that he is still the real owner while having a dummy/frontman owner.

This pattern is not new or strange in Pakistan for politicians. Most of the politicians of Pakistan adopt the same pattern; also known as “The frontman pattern” 

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