Afghan officials throwing baseless allegations at Pakistan – Here is how


Afghan officials throwing baseless allegations at Pakistan - Here is how
Afghan officials throwing baseless allegations at Pakistan –
  • Afghan Officials have claimed for killing ‘Pakistani Militants’. 
  • Afghan media is propagating that their Govt. has handed over bodies of 39 militants to Pakistan.
  • The accusation is merely a ploy to divert the Afghan public’s attention from their incapability, sheer corruption, and failures.


Afghan officials claim that the militants had Pakistani National Identity Cards:

Let’s debunk the sheer propaganda by the Afghan Officials.

1-The lack of Evidence:

This news item is a piece of propaganda by Afghan government since there is no footage or proof of the handling over. They were unable to present a single piece of evidence that may prove the militants to be Pakistanis.

2- The reality of ‘Pakistani CNICs’

The only proof that the Afghan government gives of killed militants being Pakistani are Pakistani CNIC allegedly found with their bodies. If Pakistani militants are in Afghanistan, it is beyond comprehension that why would they carry their Pakistani CNICs.

The killed militants portrayed by Afghanistan as Pakistanis are actually those who have acquired Pakistani CNICS while living as refugees.

3- The strategic info-warfare against Pakistan:

These accusations are part of the continued strategy of the Afghan government to blame the Afghan Army is ridden with corruption, incapability, and demoralization, causing entire battalions to surrender to a handful of Taliban. Accusing the fighters to be Pakistanis is an easy way of diverting public attention from the Afghan Army’s failures.

Such agenda-setting is reaffirming Pakistan’s stance that the Kabul administration is a spoiler of peace.

Check this too: The Corruption Of Afghan Govt Failed The US, Not Taliban: Here Is How.

4- Pakistan’s pro-peace stance for Afghanistan:

Since the American invasion in 2001, Pakistan has always said that there is no military solution of this conflict. The role of Pakistan has been pro-peace in these 2 decades as it played a key role in initiating the peace talks.

Time and time again, Pakistan was adamant of the fact that the US will have to solve the conflict with dialogue/talks. It only proves Pakistan’s peacekeeping stance and rebuts all of the baseless allegations by the Afghan officials.

Let’s take a look at what Major (retd) Robert Gallimore (British Army’s Afghan war veteran) has to say:

No evidence of ISI in Afghanistan – Says, Maj Robert Gallimore. Afghan War Veteran.

Let us know what you think about the blame game by the Afghan Govt.

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