After the Success in KPK – Health Insurance card goes nationwide.

The Insaf Health Card of KPK will now be available nationwide – Prime Minister Imran Khan pledges.

The PTI-led KPK Govt has successfully experimented the health insurance in the province. They introduced the insurance scheme during their tenure 2013-2018.

The same kind of health card was announced for Punjab by Dr Yasmin Rashid a few days ago – The health insurance card was supposed to be available in 36 districts of Punjab.
And now it has been announced by the prime minister Imran Khan that the card will be provided nationwide.
Everyone with a certain amount of income and living in poverty will be able to avail this card.
More than 70 million poor will be able to benefit from this card nationwide as it spreads all over the country step by step. It will take 3 years to make it full functional nationwide.

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