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Teraloop Chilling: Finland accelerates superconducting magnet development

Business Finland grants 1.2 M € to the SMARAGDI public-private consortium for advancing superconducting magnet technology and updating an experimental facility for testing high-temperature superconducting magnets in Tampere, Finland. SMARAGDI is a joint effort of Tampere University (TAU) and five Finnish companies, 3DStep, Teraloop, Ramentor, Meluta, and Luvata. The goal of this consortium is to […]

Brother of former COAS Asif Nawaz Reveals Nawaz Sharif’s Behavior as PM

Mr. Shuja Nawaz, younger brother of former Chief of  Army Staff General Asif Nawaz Janjua, reveals Nawaz Sharif’s behavior as Prime Minister. In his book“CROSSED SWORDS Pakistan, its Army and the wars within” published in 2008, by Oxford University Press writes the full story, what his brother General Asif Nawaz told him. “SHARIF ALSO FOUND […]

Journalism or Propaganda? [TrendsPak Blog]

BBC ignores fact and promoting lies   The BBC really needs to stop becoming a tool for the Opposition parties in Pakistan and should, at the very least get its facts correct when reporting allegations about election 2018 being “rigged” . While the BBC’s gossipy style in this story may titillate some members of the […]

Why CPEC is the target of Indian Propaganda? Khurshid Ahmed

Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, on 14 November, 2020 stated in a press conference at Islamabad that India had established a special cell to sabotage the CPEC. The anti-CPEC cell was established in 2015 with a $ 500 million to initiate all types of anti-CPEC propaganda in the information domain and also by […]

Fair Elections, Neutral Umpire and Imran Khan [TrendsPak Blog]

Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned in his speech at Hafizabad today that his Govt is working on electoral reforms to make sure that at terms end, the country gets a free and fair elections. He also mentioned how neutral umpires in cricket were brought by him.   Well it’s true that whenever cricket history will […]

Maryam Nawaz’s Allegations on Asim Bajwa Vs Reality [TrendsPak Blog]

The allegations of Maryam Nawaz on Asim Bajwa Vs ground reality: English Translation: Yesterday, Maryam asked how Asim Bajwa was an ordinary government official. How can he make so many assets? Can someone explain to him that he has already given the answer that my three brothers have been working in the US since the […]

‘Oligarchy and the State’ – By Saeed A Malik

Through history, thinking persons have thought on this subject. Many have recorded their thoughts. Some of these I quote below: Plato observed that: ” an oligarch becomes two cities, Rich and Poor, as great wealth is opposed to the masses, and almost everyone outside the ruling class is a pauper.” Michael Hudson [economist ]: ” […]

Salient Features of Pak-Austria Fachhochschule University Hazara

Here are the full details on the background and the salient features of Fachhochschule University Hazara Note: The article was originally published in The News   یہ تفصیل اردو میں پڑھنے کے لئے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں  On September 17, a historic event occurred. The prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan inaugurated a beautiful campus of […]

The Good Things – Blog by Humayun Gauhar

We were talking about change some weeks ago. Do you see how much has changed in the last couple of weeks? The world is on the edge of a precipice because of COVID 19. The unipolar world is no more and we are moving towards a multipolar global status quo.  Now there will be orbits […]