Android Creator Andy Rubin to introduce a self-text phone

Android Creator Andy Rubin to introduce a self-text phone

Android creator Andy Rubin is working on something big. He is reportedly working on a new kind of phone that will mimic user behavior.

This phone will automatically respond to user’s messages on their behalf.

What’s the purpose?

The idea is to book appointments or respond emails and text messages on its own. Users would also be able to make phone calls from the planned device.

Rubin wants to capture people’s imagination with a product that’s truly different from alternatives.

‘The planned device could be Essential’s last hope to break into a market dominated by Apple and Samsung.’

Design of the new mobile device:

The design of a new mobile device is not like a standard smartphone. It would have a small screen and require users to interact mainly using voice commands, in concert with Essential’s artificial-intelligence software.

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This phone will be a virtual version of you. Without touching your phone, you can trust it to do things on your behalf.

Previous smartphone:

Sales of an earlier phone were disappointing and the company is abandoning the effort partly because the product is too similar to others in the market.

But this time, Essential expects to market the product as a complement to people’s smartphones. This new device is suitable for those who want to spend less time tethered to their screens.

Android Creator Andy Rubin to introduce a self-text phone

Rubin hopes to achieve his second act:

Rubin has laid the foundation for the modern smartphone business with his work at Google. He hopes to achieve the second act with the new, Al-dependent gadget. Essential aims to have the first prototype of the phone finished by the end of this year.

The company may show off the device to industry partners as soon as January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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