Android VS iOs : An unbiased comparison – Pros and Cons of both.


Android VS iOs : An unbiased comparison – Pros and Cons of both.

The debate of Android Vs iOs is one of the most popular debates on tech forums. Apple fans are seen defending their beloved OS and the same goes for Android users. But here we will try to discuss the pros and cons of both operating systems. We will try to keep it unbiased so the fans of both sides are well aware of the likes and dislikes of their beloved operating systems.

What is iOs good at why? (Pros) 

iOs is considered as one of the smoothest operating systems in terms of speed. It barely lags even while doing multiple tasks at the same time. The security at iOs is much stronger which leads it to be the virus-free operating system. Being secure and being smooth is actually interlinked,When there are no bugs and viruses in the system,it will obviously run smoother.

Now lets talk about why iOs is good at speed and security:

The major reason for its speed and security is that the hardware and software,both are developed by the same company. Which makes it stronger,securer and smoother. While working on the software side,the programmers are well aware of the hardware capabilities and that’s the reason the come up with such secure and smooth operating system.


What is iOs bad at why? (Cons) 

While providing the security and smoothness ,iOs has some limitations as well. One of the major drawback is its communication and compatibility with other devices. This can be a marketing strategy of Apple to increase its users but its a drawback as well. Its limitations are far more higher in number as compare to Android.

One of the other cons is its price. No doubt that Apple is providing quality products but the products with the same specifications are available in half of the price of Apple product. Even a large number of Apple users also think that the pricing is not user friendly.

Lets talk about Android now:

Android is undoubtedly the most popular mobile operating system in the world. It is used by more than 1.5 Billion people around the world. Lets talk about the reasons its so popular :

What is Android good at why? (Pros) .

One of the major things that make Android popular,is its flexibility and compatibility.  It can be easily connected to PC’s  without any external software. Its interface can be totally customized according to users taste. Its Playstore is the top applications market of the world which has dozens of apps with over 1 billion downloads. The number of free applications is also far higher than the Apple store. The possibilities with Android are endless. Its updates are more frequently available as compared to iOs.

What is Android bad at why? (Cons) .

Even after having a huge number of users , Android still has a major problem and that is speed. The reason behind its lagging is that hardware and software are not from the same company for most the devices. Android is developed by Google but the Android devices are available from hundreds of companies. So when the software and hardware are from different providers,there comes a gap which causes the lagging/slow speed. But the devices provided by Google,such as Nexus and Chromebook , they are much smoother and faster than other devices.

Due to the large number of free applications,there are more security threats as well which may enter your device even you being unaware of that.


Conclusion :

Both of the systems have their own pros and cons. Both are good at some points and both are bad at some. Lets appreciate the good sides of both

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