Minister of Finance Asad Umar speech at the World Bank Meetings 2018

The finance minister of Pakistan Asad Umar speaks at the world bank meetings 2018.

Asad Umar had a short but comprehensive speech at the world bank meetings.

He comes at the stage after a warm welcome and introduction by the host. Here is what he said during his speech:

Human Development:

“Our manifesto and the communication of our leader is centered around the human development. Obviously, the country is in the need for infrastructure and growth but you also need human development both.

But the real question is what do you prioritize and what comes first. Its the first time our party is being voted for the power in Pakistan. ”

He then added the lines of prime minister’s first speech. The speech where he mentioned the stunted growth of Pakistan children.

“So we hope that this prioritization will reflect in the investments we make.

Without resources, you cannot make changes. So that’s a prerequisite. It’s not just the resources, its how well you use them” 

We’ve been voted for the power in the center for the first time. But we have had the government of one province KPK for 5 years. It showed us how critical the governance changes are”

Health area:

“In the area of the health, one of the principle decision that we have made is to reprioritize.

The other thing we have done in the province and now we are rolling it out at a federal level. Its a health insurance scheme and we call it Insaf Health Card. “


“Another side of the health that has not been getting enough attention, its nutrition. We are looking at a school nutrition program and some of them have been launched a little level.

We are hoping that this might be the last year in which we have a case of polio. 


On the education side, we will need a lot of schools. There is a great number of children who are out of school.

We need to leverage technology. That’s the main part of the plan that is going forward.”

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Asad Umar Speech World Bank Meetings 2018

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