Asian Development Bank approves the funding for Peshawar Bus Transit Corridor.


Asian Development Bank approves the funding for Peshawar Bus Transit Corridor.

Asian Development Bank approve the funding of 335 million dollar loan to the  province government of KPK to make the suitable urban transport system for the people of Peshawar. This transport system is known as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor.

Agence Francaise de Development (AFD) and Europe investment bank are also expected to proved support of this transport system. They are expected to give 150 million dollar combined for this project.

ADB Approves A Loan For Peshawar BRT Corridor

Asian Development Bank country director of Pakistan said  “A Modern and safe transport system is essential for the growth and development of the cities like Peshawar, It is improvement of the quality of life of its resident. The BRT Corridor will not only provide safer, more efficient and comfortable transportation options for the people of Peshawar, it will also improve the air quality, reduce the carbon emission, foster gender equality and make the city more live-able.

This project scope is 26 kilometer long track, with 31 stations. It will also includes parks, cycle riding track, side walls and street lights. Director of urban development and water at ABD said “ABD’s financing will help renew and renovate the entire corridor width from facade to facade including the BRT in the median”

Peshawar’s BRT system is third generation system which will allows to BRT vehicles to travel along the corridor and off-corridor in busiest areas.

Third Generation BRT System in Peshawar

This project expand the system’s reach and credibility, lenses passengers transfer and will also increase the ridership and financial sustainability. From Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor more than 500,000  people will benefit on daily bases. This is one of the finest project by the KPK government for the people of Peshawar and KPK, this project not only help people of Peshawar, people from other cities also get benefit from this.


How much it will really benefit the people? It is yet to be seen.

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