There Should Ne No Reason Left For Anyone To Not Tour Pakistan, Says Ramiz Raja

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Rameez Raja has said that after the visit the Australian team, no board has any justification for not sending its team to Pakistan.

Speaking in a video statement on PCB’s YouTube channel, Rameez Raja said that the captain has been given full authority, things are getting better, people’s expectations have increased.

He said that they will try to hold the first edition of Women’s PSL in February.

Rameez Raja cited a verse of a couplet which meant ‘the difficulties fell on me so much that they became easy’. I had no idea that the New Zealand team incident would as soon as I become the chairman. I did not know what would happen after the decision of England and New Zealand Stay up late for many nights.

Chairman PCB said that people could not show patience in Test cricket due to the mood of T20.

He said that the eyes of the whole world were on the Australian series, the journalists who came from Australia also carried good messages, now no country has the right not to visit Pakistan.

Rameez Raja said that the Australian cricketers also felt that they could do their part for Pakistan, people tried to spoil the tour of Australia but the Australians showed great generosity.

He also said that he hoped that the series against West Indies would be played as a normal series, while there is a lot of talk about four-nation cricket, cricket series between countries is declining due to the increase in the number of leagues.

Chairman PCB said that until the pitches are not fine, the batting will not be fine. The season is over, now we will work on the pitches, curators are being called from Australia.

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