‘Australian Are Taking Fond Memories To Home’ Ramiz Thanks Australia

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Rameez Raja has congratulated the Pakistan and Australia cricket teams on playing a thrilling 38-day tour.

Rameez Raja’s statement was issued by the PCB in which he said that the winner of the three-match Test series consisting of 15 days was determined in the last hour of the series while in limited style cricket both the teams’ Quality and skills were demonstrated, while the respect shown by both the teams for each other was exemplary and a perfect representation of the game of cricket.

The Chairman PCB said that the players of both the teams nurtured the spirit of cricket and the values ​​of the game through their behavior on and off the field.

Rameez Raja said that the Australian players and officials, after their personal experience and observation, are returning home from Pakistan with fond memories, where they will become great advocates and goodwill ambassadors of Pakistan.

He further said that the way in which both the teams have won the hearts of cricket fans inside and outside Pakistan through this series, world cricket is also grateful to them for this.

The Chairman PCB said that he would like to thank Cricket Australia from the bottom of his heart for sending his best available players to Pakistan for this series. He also thanked the staff of PCB He played an important role in making this series a success, which was held immediately after PSL7.

The Chairman PCB said that he was also grateful to the enthusiastic fans of Pakistan Cricket who had inspired both the teams at all the three venues and made the series a great success.

He said he would also like to thank all the security agencies, local and federal governments, their valued commercial partners and broadcasters who played a key role in providing the best transmission to viewers around the world.

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