Ayaz Amir’s Analysis over JIT report and Peoples Party leadership

Senior Journalist and analyst Ayaz Amir talks about the JIT report and PPP reaction.

The Sindh government is worried about the presidential system, and financial issues.

Analysis over JIT report – AyazAmir

Well-known Pakistani journalist, Ayaz Amir analyzed the JIT report and said that Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah is under strong pressure.

The revival of sick units:

According to the JIT report, the Omni Group (allegedly owned by Mr. Zardari acquired four state-run entities; Thatta Cement Factory, Thatta Sugar Mills, Naudero Sugar Mills, and Dadu Sugar Mills, in Sindh.

Turning entities to sick units:

The Sindh government intentionally turned these entities into sick units by suspending subsidies and then closed them down.

The subsidy:

A subsidy of Rs3.8billion had been given in the name of subsidized loans for the revival of sick industrial units.

Peoples Party should not scream over the situation in Sindh:

Earlier, it was also said that only Sindh is being considered and not Punjab. But now, all the powerful bureaucrats in Punjab are under the investigations.

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Further, the Muslim League- N has understood the situations and it doesn’t scream anymore. So now if Sindh is being targeted, there shouldn’t be any kind of cry from the PPP leadership.

Accountability across the board:

Talking about the accountability for all, Ayaz Amir says that PPP used to complain about it. At the time when Dr. Asim was arrested, they used to say that there is no accountability in Punjab.

But now, look the condition of PMLN. Khwaja Saad and his brother are in Jail. Shehbaz Sharif is out only on production orders. Nawaz Sharif is in jail and Maryam is only out because she is on bail.

Final thoughts:

Ayaz Amir has made a point that PMLN is not ready to start an agitation. They have understood the circumstances and trying to be quiet.

Ayaz Amir Analysis on PMLN and JIT

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