Effects of Billion Tree Tsunami – Forest cover of Pakistan rises by 6%

Pakistan’s forest cover increases by 6%


  • The initiative of the Billion Tree Tsunami has been lauded by international media outlets. 
  • The recent surveys show a 6% increase in the forest areas of Pakistan.
  • The country is noticing a major change in the duration of winter this year.

The total forest cover of Pakistan has been increased by 6 percent.

A report of WWF said Pakistan has lost 43,000 hectares of land every year from 2000 to 2010. This was recorded as the highest rate of deforestation in the whole of Asia.
How much are 43000 hectares? This is half the size of the total land of the capital city, Islamabad.

The previous reports:

According to a world bank report, Pakistan was standing at 113 among 143 countries for the lowest rate of forests.

The stats of this survey:


Area (name)  Forest
Azad Jammu and Kashmir 435,138 hectares (36.9%)
KPK1,508,604 hectares (20.3%)
Islamabad 20,343 hectares ( 22.6%)
Previously known as FATA534,579 hectares (19.5%)


Major reasons for this increase:

Without a doubt, the Billion Tree Tsunami Project will be one of the top reasons for this major increase in the forestation. The Green Pakistan programme of PTI was successfully implemented in KP.

The data collection:

The previous Govt. of PMLN had started a survey to collect the numbers on forests in 2017. The programme was implemented with the help/support of WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

The recent increase of 6 percent:

According to a story published in Express Tribune, a recent survey has shown an increase of 6% in the total area covered by forests.

Their sources have stated that facts and figures were sent to the provincial authorities. The numbers will be made public once they are approved by the government authorities.

The UN Report:

According to a United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, the land covered by forests is 1,617,000 hectares. The number turns out to be 2.2 percent of the total land.


After the successful implementation of the Billion Tree Tsunami project in KP, PTI Govt plans to plant 10 billion trees nationwide.

The plantation of 1 billion trees in the KP alone has had such a positive impact that it increased 6% of the forest area. We can pretty much imagine the condition of forests in Pakistan when the plantation of 10 billion trees is completed.


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