Billion Tree Tsunami; making KPK Greener and Pakistan brighter

The historic project of KPK govt, Billion Tree Tsunami; Making Pakistan brighter and KP greener. 

When you look up on the internet for the “KP Billion Tree Tsunami”, followings are some headlines of western media that pops up in Google search.

Pakistani plants one billion trees to slow down effects of global warming – The Independent
One Billion Trees Planted in Pakistan’s NW Province – VOA News
Pakistan’s Billion Tree Tsunami restores 350,000 hectares of forests – IUCN
Billion tree tsunami’ surges across northern Pakistan – Reuters
Billion Tree Tsunami – Making Pakistan Bright and KPK Green
Seeing such positive projection of my country internationally leaves me ecstatic. It also leaves me wondering about what I should be more grateful for?
For being a citizen of the country that actually cares for our plant’s environment or for The Great Imran Khan who gave us this and many other such visions as a Pakistani.
The forests of KPK after Billion Tree Tsunami

Imran Khan led PTI Govt in KPK launched the green mission north-west of the country after coming into power in 2013 General Elections. The Project named “Billion Tree Tsunami” involves adding trees both by planting and natural regeneration in the province which consists about 40 percent of the country’s forests area.

 Let’s talk some stats:

The KPK Govt set up a network of tree nurseries across the province in 2016. It provided loans and purchase agreements for tree saplings. Altogether it has spent 11 billion rupees ($110 million) on the effort, according to Malik Amin Aslam, the chairman of the province’s Green Growth Initiative.
Sharan forest in KPK
About 13,000 government and private nurseries, in almost every district of the province. They are now producing hundreds of thousands of saplings of local and imported tree varieties, including pines, walnuts, and eucalyptus.
The forests of KPK and Billion Tree Tsunami
The nurseries have provided about 40 percent of the new trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The remaining trees have come from natural regeneration in forests now put under protection, he said.

Many small-scale nurseries, producing up to 25,000 saplings, have been set up with cash advances and a guaranteed purchase agreement from the provincial government.Such small nurseries can earn incomes of around 12,000 to 15,000 rupees ($115-$140) a month, a size-able income for rural villagers, said Aslam.

Pleasantly, all these efforts in the province, which lies in the Hindu Kush mountain range, has surpassed an international commitment after it restored 350,000 hectares of forests and degraded land.
The work in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was focused along the area beside the Gambila River, in the Bannu District, where vast swathes of forest were wiped out in the past after its banks broke.
Tree plantation during Billion Tree Tsunami in KPK
The Billion Tree Tsunami was completed in November 2017 and now this initiative is expected to be extended across Pakistan.

One of the many best things about this project was that under this initiative, an estimated 500,000 “green jobs” had been created through the effort, some of which have gone to rural women and unemployed youth.


Imran Khan’s Vision:

Imran Khan has always emphasized over building a nation. He has always preached about the need to invest in people rather than in extravagant projects. This resourcefulness has actually paved the way to understand Khan’s vision.
People have become more aware that forests are KP’s precious resource. They are learning the point of why Imran focuses on the projects that will help the generations to come and not help him to win next elections.
Upper Dir forest secured after Billion Tree Tsunami project was launched.
I am pretty sure, that half of my countrymen wouldn’t even think about this legendary project while voting in next GE. This is one of the projects that are initiated to save the future and lives of coming generations.
KPK Govt, with this venture, has secured the “air to breathe in” for Pakistanis who have not even born yet. This may not help Khan win the next election as the main project. But definitely will go down in the history of the efforts to save “Planet Earth”.
Written by: Mehwish Azam – A writer based in Islamabad. 

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