This is how billions got transferred accounts of Shahbaz Sharif’s family

  • Details of who transferred billions in bank accounts of Shahbaz Sharif’s family.
  • Money exchange teams used to make black money white.
  • More than 38billion was transferred in the bank accounts.

Here is the complete detail of who transferred billions in the bank accounts of Shahbaz Sharif, Suleman Shahbaz, Hamza Shahbaz, and Hamza’s wife.

So many things have been revealed in the cases related to the money laundering of Shahbaz Sharif’s family.

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Who transferred the money?

64 people have deposited money in the bank accounts of Shahbaz Sharif, HamzaShahbaz and SulemanShahbaz. They have also taken a commission of 5000-9000.

A report by Idrees Sheikh:

64 people including Suhail Anwar, Zeshan Ahmed, Manzoor Malik, Junaid Ghazi, and QasimAnjum Bilal were involved in transferring money in the bank accounts.

Billions have been transferred in the bank accounts of SulemanShahbaz, HamzaShahbaz and Hamza’s wife.

Where they transferred money?

The money was transferred in various branches located at BadamiBagh and Circular Road, Lahore.

When did it start?

This matter was started in June 2005 and continued till 27th April 2014. Some close aides of Sharif’s family were also included in the list of people who transferred money.

Money coming from Al-Jawahar trading, Mobile trading, Ali and companies were being sent to SulemanShahbaz’s office located at 55-K, Model Town, Lahore.

In the office, black money was being kept in bundles and money exchange cars used to take that money from the office. These money exchange companies used to take every possible step of making black money white.

Remittances that were deposited:

The most remittances were deposited in the year 2012; 42. While in 2010, the remittances were 31 and in 2011, there were 4.

Who used to manage Tele Graphic Transfer?

The Chief Financial Officer of Ramzan Sugar Mills, Muhammad Usman used to manage Tele Graphic Transfer. He used the togive commission to every person.

More than 38billion has been transferred in the bank accounts of Shahbaz Sharif, SulemanShahbaz and HamzaShahbaz. But when asked, ShahbazShairfdenied knowing these bank transfers.


Already three alleged money-laundering facilitators of Shahbaz’sfamily had been arrested by NAB; QasimQayyum, MushtaqCheeni, Fazal Dad Abbasi.

A combined investigation team of NAB had also grilled HamzaShahbaz for assets beyond means and money-laundering probe.

The Sharif’s should have realized that being politicians they can be under scrutiny anytime and should not have adopted such means.

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