BJP lawmaker copies ISPR’s song and here is the public reaction.

  • BJP MLA copies the song of ISPR ‘Pakistan Zindabad’
  • The song was released on Pakistan Day 2019.
  • DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor responds to him in a sarcastic tone.

The member of India’s ruling party confidently copies Pakistan Army’s anthem.

The member of Bharatiya Janta Party Raja Singh posts the video on his twitter where he announces to release the song.

Here is what he tweeted:


He copied the main theme of the anthem and replaced Pakistan with Hindustan in the chorus. We will talk about the response from the public but first, let’s take a look at how the DG ISPR responded to it:


General Asif Ghafoor responded to him asking them to speak the truth as well. Not only Pakistanis but their own citizens trolled them for blatantly copying the Pakistani song.

Check this too: Pakistan will be a failed state by 2015 – Claims Times of India in 2005. 

Here is how the public has responded to it.






And some have responded by posting the original song here:


And everyone is complaining about the song being copied:


And here we have Abhinandan as a response:


But here we have some Indians who think it’s real:


Of course, they can’t spot a blatant copy whether it is Indian politician or Bollywood. Their plain-copied movies make 100’s of millions in business and the trick-down effect has now penetrated the politics of India.

The response from Pakistani Public Figures:

Fariha Idrees:


Jaweria Siddique:


If you look the replies on his tweets, its all filled up with the same response. A COPY 

Not sure if they are so dumb OR they think everyone else is dumb enough to leave them unnoticed. What do you think about this blatant copy?

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