The ButterFly Effect of Kashmir Congregations by Nemrah Ahmed

The ButterFly Effect of Kashmir Congregations
The ButterFly Effect of Kashmir Congregations

If you want to understand the butterfly effect of these half-hourly congregations for Kashmir, know your history well. Because you’d come across many pseudo-intellectuals on social media who’d tell you how taking out half an hour for Kashmiris would not help the cause. They would tell you how these efforts are fruitless. Before you leave your house today or the next Friday, their malicious words would create doubts in your mind. Your mind would, in turn, ask you’re good intended heart, “What difference would this half an hour make?”

When that happens, tell your mind to relax. Because these are the same people who had mocked PM Imran Khan five years ago when he had embarked on his Azadi March journey. Do you not remember how that March/Dharna also started from a peaceful protest but its butterfly effect changed the course of Pakistan’s political history? Before they make you doubtful again, tell your mind that larger than life movements in history have always initiated from such simple, silent protests. Imran Khan has not claimed to free Kashmir with these congregations. No. Our job is to make people around the world take notice. To wake up and raise their voice against the inhumanities being suffered by the Kashmiris. Yes, many individuals and organizations have been raising their voices for Kashmiris for decades, but this time there is a difference.

The man leading this cause is Imran Khan. I almost felt sorry for Modi when I saw PM Imran Khan declaring himself an Ambassador of Kashmir. Poor Modi. He does not realize that being on the opposite side of Imran Khan comes at a huge price. There is a conventional way to start a movement and then there is an Imran Khan way. You see, Imran Khan picks his enemies wisely. He never starts a battle that he cannot win. It is as if he always needs a villain to fight against. Since all desi villains are either locked up or NAB-zoned, he has picked an international villain this time and used the exact same Imran Khan way that has made him victorious on many fronts in the past.

First, he raises his voice. He makes speeches, he tweets, AND he calls them names. Calling Modi a terrorist was a normal thing. But comparing him to Hitler is an entirely another angle that has grabbed international attention. Then, he calls for peaceful protests. He goes back to the people who had entrusted him with power in the first place, and he makes them come out of their homes and protest. He knows his influence and he uses it well. He has this gifted talent of convincing people to leave their comfort and come on roads, not for his sake, but for a cause.
And the third step…well…once he is done vocalizing the issue and making protests…the rest is history.

If you want to understand the butterfly effect of these half-hourly congregations for Kashmir, know your history well.


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