Cantonment board elections Victory or a wake-up call for PTI? By: Muhammad Shahid Hussain

Cantonment board elections were held across the country on Sep 12th 2021, and the overall situation remained peaceful during the election campaign and polling. According to the results of 205 cantonment board seats, the PTI won a total of 63 seats.
While PML-N won 59, Azad 52, PP 17, MQM 10, Jamaat-e-Islami 7, BAP, and ANP won two seats each.
In the cantonment elections, the PTI again became the majority party, winning the most or the second largest number of seats in each province.

Pakistan PTI is leading in cantonment board elections and has become the only party to get representation in all provinces.PML-N and PPP have shrunk to regional parties.
PML-N could not win any seat in Balochistan, PML-N was fifth in Sindh in the cantonment elections, PPP could not win a single seat in Punjab and Balochistan, which proved that Prime Minister Imran Khan is the national leader.
Though The PTI did a clean sweep in many areas, defeat in some areas is a question mark for the Ruling party
Now the PTI is the winner with 63 candidates, but the PML-N’s 59 and 52 independent candidates are no less than a wake-up call for the ruling party.
If PTI still does not reconsider its policies, the trend will continue until the general election. PTI should not be in any misunderstanding, Public support cannot be obtained by ignoring the plight of the people. The situation in the PTI government is that if the next general election is lost, everything will fall apart. Other parties are standing on inheritance, while in the case of PTI there is nothing here except Imran Khan and when there is no government, the situation will change. For PTI to become a major political party Of all Pakistan, it needs to focus on organizing and work on a priority basis to solve public problems.
The people affected by the inflation storm have voted against the PTI.
The defeat of PTI in the Clifton constituency of President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi and Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail is not a trivial matter. Can PTI dignitaries defend this defeat? In Lahore and Rawalpindi, the PTI suffered heavy defeats, while in Multan Cantt, nine of the ten seats were won by independent candidates. In Chaklala Cantt, the PTI also suffered defeats. PML-N won and dealt a major blow to PTI. It is wrong to attribute all these defeats to inflation alone, The main reason for this defeat is the factions within the party which are continuing to fight for personal interests, and Pushing the ruling party is in darkness without informing Imran Khan about the real issues,

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PTI decision-makers will have to sit down and work out a strategy, otherwise, the situation and results may be different in the next general elections. As far as Punjab is concerned, it can be said that the voters here are not ready to trust the PPP. But the threat of the Noon League is still there. No doubt PTI wins cantonment board elections but the worst defeat in the subsequent areas is nothing short of a wake-up call for the ruling party.
Imran Khan desperately needs to know that some government officials are fiercely ignoring the problems of the common man and the people have taken revenge on the ruling party in the elections. These results should be considered a public decision against inflation. If the PML-N has been harmed by his statement, then inflation will also drown the PTI.
If wants to win the 2023 elections, Imran Khan will have to take immediate and stern action against the miscreants and corrupt elements in the party as well as solving public problems.

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