We can provide cheaper electricity to Pakistan – Tajikistan offers

  • Tajikistan is ready to provide electricity to Pakistan
  • Tajik Ambassador visited Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and discussed the project.
  • RCCI organized a farewell for the Tajik Ambassador
  • Tajik Ambassador appreciated the role of RCCI in promoting trade
  • Ambassador praised Pakistani people and advised others to visit Pakistan
We can provide cheaper electricity to Pakistan – Tajikistan offers

Tajikistan Ambassador Sherali S. Jononov offered electricity to Pakistan and expressed the desire to increase the trade volume between the two countries.

During Tajikistan ambassador’s visit to Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry offices, the Ambassador said:

“Rogun Dam in Tajikistan has begun its operations and we are ready to provide cheap and clean electricity to Pakistan for its energy needs in future.”

He further said that Pakistan trade and business community should take benefit of the emerging opportunities in Tajikistan.

A farewell ceremony for Ambassador of Tajikistan:

Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a farewell ceremony for Sherali S. Jononov, the outgoing Ambassador of Tajikistan.

President of RCCI, Malik Shahid Saleem and other office bearers were present on the occasion.

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Here is what Tajik envoy said:

Addressing the ceremony he said:

“Pakistan and Tajikistan have historical, cultural and religious relations and the root of their relationship is very deep. Both are enjoying a friendly and cordial relationship.”

Refreshing Memories of his tenure:

Tajik envoy while refreshing key memories of his tenure said:

“I have found Pakistan, a positive, wonderful and peaceful country. Pakistanis are very hardworking, loving and full of hospitality. You should once live in Pakistan in order to know Pakistanis.”

He further advised his diplomatic friends to visit Pakistan, because it’s an amazing country, and have beautiful weather and landscape.

We can provide cheaper electricity to Pakistan – Tajikistan offers

Success stories:

He also shared his success stories during his tenure, including:

  • Economic Corporation Organization (ECO) summit
  • Pakistani President visited Tajikistan in June 2018
  • Frequent visits to at the foreign office
  • Energy project of Central Asia South Asia

Appreciating RCCI’s role:

Tajik envoy appreciated RCCI’s role in promoting trade activities through exhibitions. He urged others chambers to follow the footsteps of RCCI.

Praising envoy’s contribution:

Earlier, Malik Shahid Saleem, President RCCI, lauded envoy’s contribution to branding Pakistan’s positive image.

Best hopes for the project:

He hoped that CASA1000 MW energy project will help Pakistan to meet its energy needs.

He also said that tourism between the two countries can play a vital role. He urged for direct flights between Dushanbe and Islamabad.

In the end, a picture album and a memento were presented to the Tajik envoy.


Source: Dawn

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