Security of CPEC projects | China provides motorbikes and jackets

China provides motorbikes and jackets for the security of CPEC projects

China has provided 50 motorbikes and 200 bulletproof jackets to Govt of Gilgit-Baltistan for the security of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor route in the region.

  • The motorbikes and bulletproof jackets will further secure the line.
  • Military to set up a special force for the security.
  • Pakistan Army/Navy will play a major role.

Providing motorbikes and jackets is part of an agreement that has been signed between Xinjiang province of China and the Gilgit-Baltistan government.

Motorbikes and Jackets handed over to senior superintendents:

The inspector general of Gilgit-Baltistan police, SanaullahAbbasi handed over the bulletproof jackets and keys of motorbikes to the superintendents of police.

Inspector general said that the motorbikes will be used by the police for patrolling the CPEC route.

The Senior Superintendent assured better security:

The Senior Superintendent of GB police, Tanveer-ul-Hasan said that the GB police are being provided with modern equipment.

He assured that the GB police will look after the security of CPEC route in the region and also the Chinese citizens who are working on different CPEC projects, would be protected.

A four-layer security Plan:

Earlier, China and Pakistan have approved a four-layer security plan. The Plan will be for over 3,000km-long trade route that will connect the Gwadar port to China’s north-western Xinjiang province.

Well Trained Security Staff:

The trained 32,000 security staff will guard over 14,321 Chinese workers engaged in nearly 210 small and mega projects in Pakistan.

The security measures also include500 Chinese security personnel to better guard the precise routes surrounding the port.

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Military to set up a special force:

Many militant groups like Indian government proxies are trying to damage the CPEC project. For this, Pakistan Military is taking all possible measures to ensure better security.

Pakistan Military is setting up a special security force for security. Thousands of soldiers and intelligence officers are working to manage the security situation all along the western route and in Gwadar.

Special Security Division:

Comprising 9,000 Pakistan Army soldiers and 6,000 military forces, a Special Security Division (SSD) has been set up.

China provides motorbikes and jackets for the security of CPEC projects

A complete record of Chinese Citizens residing in Pakistan:

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan has suggested that the Chinese nationals should be registered and for this, NADRA is developing a procedure.

NADRA will keep the record of Chinese citizens residing in or visiting Pakistan. NADRA will share the information with both federal and provincial authorities of the country.

Role of Navy:

For better security at Gwadar Port, the Navy also created a separate force having Pakistan Marines. The force is named as ‘Force Protection Battalion’.

Pakistan Navy is also preparing its defenses regarding any irregular threats to Pakistani ports and coast.

Task Force-88

A special task force has also created for the naval security of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Gwadar seaport.

As the land route has been secured by the Special Security Division and now Gwadar will also be safe and secure.


Pakistan is taking steps to ensure the security of the corridor and the Chinese individuals working on the projects. Last year, Pakistan had deployed a 15,000 strong force for the security of Chinese workers.

The topmost priority of the government is the protection of Chinese citizens working in Pakistan. The army chiefs of Pakistan have also assured China to provide complete security on the CPEC routes.


Source: Dawn

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