Famous French designer Christian Louboutin launches ‘Imran Sandal’

  • Christian Louboutin has launched his own version of Peshawar Chappal.
  • The Peshawar Chappal has been named as ‘Imran Sandal
  • This Chappal started gaining popularity in Europe after Imran Khan started wearing it.

Inspired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Christian Louboutin names his new product as ‘Imran Sandal

Christian Louboutin Imran Sandal

Renowned shoe designer  Christian Louboutin has said it loud and clear. The shoe style became famous in Europe after Prime Minister Imran Khan started to wear it as his regular footwear.

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Peshawari Chappal has always been there but its popularity was skyrocketed when Imran Khan started to wear it in his own way.

Christian Louboutin Imran Sandal in Europe

Christian Louboutin is known for his unique shoe designs and his creations do not come any cheaper. The rates of Imran Sandal have not been announced yet but this is not going to cost any lesser than rest of the “Class A” brands.

The Look:

Christian Louboutin Imran Sandal Looks

While it might not look exactly like the Chappal of Khan but this is still going to gain some serious popularity because of its name.

The price:

The announcement came at the official account of Christian Louboutin but haven’t seen anything official regarding the price of a pair.


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