Complete Report of 100 days and PM Khan’s Speech


PTI has issued a complete report on the performance of 100 days.

The document includes all of the departments and their performance. The complete report has been published during an event.

100 Days Complete Report


There has been a whole day of reporting on this topic. Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to a huge ceremony at Jinah convention center Islamabad today.

He has talked about the major achievements of PTI in the first 100 days of power. 

Here are some major points of his speech:

Talking about corruption:

On the occasion of revealing the complete report of PTI’s first 100 days, Khan’s main focus has been corruption.

“NAB can perform much better than the current position. It is not wholely in our control so we cannot really interfere in its affairs.

Whenever someone wants to do corruption, he corrups the institutions first. When the institutions are destroyed, the corrupt use them for their corruption. 

The institutions like FBR are not able to collect any taxes because they are destroyed by the corrupt.

Shelter for poor:

The prime minister of Pakistan says the shelters for poor are one my top priorities. When I saw a poor man on the road with his kids, I immediately called the CM Punjab.

He identified 5 locations in Lahore and the Shelters were set up. 

Now we have identified some places in Islamabad as well. Where the poor can stay for night. Its winter here and we can’t let our poor peolpe sleep on roads like this.

Health Sector:

Prime Minister has also focused on health. The system of health in the whole country will be upgraded. Insaf Health Card will be available in Punjab as well.

He emphasizes on improving the health system for poor. He says the poor are already suffering from too much. Whenever there is a diseas or someone in the family gets sick, their whole budget gets disturbed.


The three systems of education needs to be eliminated. The country needs only one education system for all.


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