Construction process on a 84 megawatt project starts in KPK – Details here.


Construction process on  84 megawatt project starts in KPK – Details here.

KPK government working on construction of 84 hydro-power dams in Swat district. A spokesperson of KPK government told that these power station are going to be constructed on the heads of Swat region.

Continuous construction of power plants in KPK

Imran Khan and PTI claimed prior to the election that they will make the province a load shedding free state and this project is the part of that claim. With the help of this project load shedding in KPK will be vanished, and KPK will be fully independent about load Shedding. Imran Khan and KPK government are fulfilling the promises made prior to the general election 2013

The project of 300 power plants  is completed more than 70% and construction is in the progress. KPK province is going to generate their own electricity, and will not be dependent on the federal government. This specific project contains a total of 84 megawatt electricity and this is a gigantic amount for the a province.

Capable Of Producing 84 Megawatt

The whole hydro power project contain more than 300 hydro power station. The cost of this 84 megawatt project is 20 billion rupees and will be completed in 2020. KPK government is planning to construct  more dams in the Swat region, because it is full of these kind of places and the province can benefit from that more.

The electricity will be produced by these projects will not go in the national grid,by making this specific rule, the load Shedding in KPK will be finished. People will be able to get the electricity without any disturbance. This project will boost the economy of KPK, because when the electricity will be continuously available, the people will get to work more and produce more.

This project is the finest example of the extra-ordinary performance of KPK government .PTI government had promised before coming in in the power that they will solve the power problem of the province. And they are about to fulfill it this way.

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