Continuous change of stance from Sharif Family since Panama Papers leakage.


Sharif family has been continuously changing their stances since the leakage of Panama Papers.

Lets start it from April 2016 when Panama Papers firstly came out.

When the panama papers came out in early 2016, Nawaz Sharif made three speeches suddenly after the Panama Leaks.

Nawaz Sharif Speech after Panama Leaks

First controversial point from the speech of Nawaz Sahrif : 

He made it pretty clear that those who steal the money they do not keep it on their own names. So when the case got started in the court,the whole PMLN started raising this point that Nawaz Sharif’s name is not there in Panama Leaks. That argument trapped themselves into their own statement because at one side,Nawaz Sharif said that the people who steal the money,they don’t keep it on their own names. But on the other side,they claimed that Nawaz Sharif’s name isn’t there in the Panama Papers.


The Panama Leaks revealed that Hassan,Hussain and Maryam Nawaz had offshore companies . Nawaz Sharif claimed that the dishonest people don’t keep the wealth on their own names. That pretty much sums up the situation.

Second point that proves PMLN wrong 

When Nawaz Sharif was speaking to the nation, he openly promised that a commission will be formed to investigate the allegations of Panama Leaks . If he or anyone from his family is found guilty,He will immediately resign.

JIT report

But what is the scenario now? The joint investigation team (JIT) has clearly stated that Nawaz Sharif and his family has assets beyond their sources of income. But now Nawaz Sharif and his party is blatantly attacking the JIT and refusing to resign. Firstly ,he promised that he will resign if he is found guilty after the investigation but now “I won’t resign”.

Third Point – Qatari Letter

When the Panama Papers got leaked ,there was no existence of Qatari letter. They didn’t mention it until the Panama Case began in the supreme court of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif while speaking to the national assembly,he claimed that he has all of the documents. He also pretended like he is submitting the documents to the speaker National Assembly. From April 2016 to November 2016 , there was no sign of Qatari letter.

It suddenly came up when the hearing of the case was started. That was the only document/evidence submitted by the Sharif Family. Both JIT and Supreme court have clearly rejected the Qatari Letter so there is no actual evidence from the Sharifs. That is the reason they openly started attacking the JIT .

Lets see where the court takes it now. Let us know what do you think about the facts mentioned above.

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