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Cookies crumble blog
Cookies crumble blog

What has transpired in the past week on the national scene should not come as a shock or surprise to anyone.

  • Least of all to supporters of PTI and Imran Khan.
  • I wrote before the elections, that IK will gradually be tested to the extreme.
  • For his ideals, his principles and his tenacity.


No one expected a green pasture laid out for his governance. Least of all I did not expect smooth governance in the initial days. I could foresee the path through the woods was the least traveled.

Like Robert Frost’s ” The road less traveled’ he had taken a tract that had few footsteps. Do you blame him for that, Should he have taken the beaten tract and followed the tracts left by others?

Well, then I would have chosen another Captain. Having known the Man I wagered that he would defy odds and like Prometheus unbound would rattle the Old Order. Did you expect him to act otherwise? Then my friends, little did you know the real Imran?
Did you expect him to cast his lot with the very men and women who were the tormentors of this laid? Who had between themselves carved it up like a Christmas turkey and sharpened their knives for the Final Dinner!

The Odyssey that the Captain was embarking upon would not take him through calm waters or placid Oceans, it was an Voyage of no Return. Either he would cross the choppy seas and deliver the land its ultimate prize or be gorged up by the Mighty Oceans that await their failed conquerors.

And now that he is in the middle of his Odyssey, you grow despondent and want to abandon ship!

Did you expect Deliverance in a gold platter? Did you imagine that those hungry wolves and vultures who have tasted blood would let go of this land so easily? If you did, then you were a babe in politics.
No, I promise it won’t be a post full of verbosity that would tire you.and test your patience. But Yes, it is a Call to arms. You have seen how those Forces have now bared their real intentions.

I knew it from Day One as did my Captain, why couldn’t you? Did he not warn you that they will first hold out the Olive branch, then threaten, then cajole and finally come together as jackals do.

If the Act has played out according to the script why be surprised. Did you expects acts of Morality and Truth from those swines whose hands are full of blood___ of my countrymen, whose lips have uttered abuses to my soldiers, who have connived with our enemies to bring my land disgrace, See you not how deep in anguish they are when confronted with Just One Honest Man?

Surely these are signs of a Righteous Man taking on scoundrels. So my friends, countrymen and women, hold on to your faith. The Battle has just begun. Like I said it is the battle for the soul of Pakistan. Losing is not a choice.

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