CPEC Update: China declares PM Khan’s visit as a successful one

CPEC Update: China declares PM Khan’s visit as a successful one

Major CPEC Update Arrives: The Chinese delegation has termed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent China visit very successful.

The delegation is presently visiting Pakistan and holding meetings with Pakistani scholars and experts on foreign relations. It can be termed as a CPEC Update as they’ve termed the recent visit as a successful one.

The delegation members noted that during the visit various MoUs were signed to further strengthen relations between the two countries.

The Vice President China Institute of International Studies, Rong Ying is heading the delegation. He urged Pakistani and Chinese media to join hands against the negative propaganda against CPEC by some countries.

What made this trip successful?

During the Prime Minister’s visit to China, various agreements and projects were signed. The Chinese officials said that they will continue to provide support and help to the best of its ability for Pakistan’s economic and social development and national construction.


It was decided that what goods could be exported to China. Also how much textile, leather and other goods could be exported for the utilization of the facility. During last year, Pakistan’s exports to China were $1.2 billion nuts it will now be doubled because of this facility.

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Industrial development:

Both Pakistan and China have agreed to enhance the cooperation in areas of industrial development and agriculture. Next phase of CPEC will be more advanced with a focus on agricultural revitalization and Trade integration.

Setting up a task force:

Beijing’s decision is to set up a task force to determine Pakistan’s financial requirements. China has given money after holding talks at the political level.

Discussions at the task force level will also provide an opportunity for Pakistan to get market access for products.

Progress in CPEC:

CPEC has progressed in major areas of:

  • Ports
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Industrial cooperation

Job opportunities:

Both countries also agreed to provide 70,000 direct jobs to local people.

Energy projects:

15 energy projects in Pakistan with the total capacity of 11,110 megawatts has been planned as a priority. 11 are under construction or in operation with the cumulative capacity of 6,910MW.

CPEC Update: China declares PM Khan’s visit as a successful one

Agriculture technology demonstration center:

China is planning to set up an agriculture technology demonstration center in Pakistan. It will improve:

  • Local agricultural technology
  • Production efficiency
  • Value-added agricultural industry

Further achievements:

In the meeting, China has agreed to work on various infrastructure projects in Pakistan. Pakistan and China signed 15 Memorandums of Understanding (MoU). MoUs with HEC were also signed.


PM has said that Pakistan wants to learn from China’s experience in poverty alleviation and curbing corruption. Both leaders reinforced their shared commitment to taking their all-weather and time-tested Pak-China friendship to new heights.

CPEC is development-oriented and has adopted advanced technologies and strict environmental protection standards. These points will boost economic ties between the two countries.

“CPEC is not targeted at any third party and is aimed at benefiting the entire region and has become an important driving force for regional integration,” Chinese officials said.

The finance ministry told that PM’s China visit has moved the economic relation of two countries to the next level. As a next step, China will explore more pragmatic cooperation with Pakistan via CPEC development.


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