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“I was personally against the kind of Lockdown our provinces imposed” – PM Imran Khan (May 1st, 2020)

Imran Khan's Way of handling COVID-19
Imran Khan’s Way of handling COVID-19

At the time when almost everyone on media was criticizing the Government for easing the lockdown, the Prime Minister announced, maybe, the most unpopular decision of his political career i.e. to FURTHER ease the Lockdown.

Since then, there has been an unprecedented wave of criticism against Imran Khan. Posts, jokes & memes, the social media generation is doing everything to bash the PM.

Even those countries, which have mighty GDPs & much better economic conditions than Pakistan, have started to reopen, but these people, somehow still believe that Lockdown in Pakistan MUST NOT be eased/relaxed.

But PM Imran Khan rightly said, that other than these criticizing Elite, there is a silent majority of Underprivileged Pakistanis, who doesn’t tweet, make memes or post FB statuses to share their miseries. Unfortunately, “The World” is used to making decisions without the “Poor’s Opinion” & Lockdown was one of such decisions!

Those few who follow me, know, that I was a supporter of Lockdown as well. I did a lot to bash Imran Khan at the start of this pandemic, in favor of Lockdown.

I am not a daily wager, probably this is why I didn’t understand the horrors before. But I belong to the majority ‘Average Monthly Salaried Class’, which often lives ‘Hand-to-Mouth’. Now when the horrors of “Indefinite Lockdown” are approaching my class, in the form of risk of unemployment & salary cuts, I’ve realized that Prime Minister was right all along.

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When they say Lockdowns will cause Economic Meltdowns & Inflations and will make XYZ Millions of People jobless, IT DOES frighten the underprivileged, more than the virus. Because the matter of fact is that it’s the lower middle class and NOT THE ELITE, which is hurt by Inflation. Its the underprivileged salaried citizens, who will lose their jobs & sole sources of bread n butter, NOT THE ELITE.

We understand that COVID is a harsh reality, it very much exists & it can be horribly dangerous. But the people supporting Lockdowns doesn’t understand, that the ‘Fear of Joblessness’ is a REAL AS WELL. Horrors of an Empty Bank Account, Inability to pay home’s rent, Inability to afford basic medical treatments, Inability to financially sustain, are ALL REALITIES AS WELL. Being forced to totally cripple down your living standard, IS horrible as well.

The social media experts & the Elite can’t understand this because their assets can feed them & even help them sustain their lifestyle for several months, but for the underprivileged, Lockdown is the trumpet of a bigger disaster.

So Yes, I am thankful to Allah, that we have a Prime Minister who feels the pain for the poor, the unheard, the ‘unimportant’! Who took an unpopular decision, even though his majority voters are the Elite who are hating on him at the moment.

If you still don’t understand this point, It’s Okay! You definitely would have all the reasons appearing right to you. It’s a never-seen-before pandemic & no one of us can be certain what’s right. Or maybe, the Privileged, have never been able to understand the Underprivileged. It’s how the world works since eternity. It’s Okay!

But, I’d just like to request, that rather than claiming that “PAKISTAN IS DOOMED” because Imran Khan took a decision you don’t agree with, Please pray that He & His Government succeed. As in this case, if God Forbid, He fails, Pakistan Fails!

I rest my case with a disclaimer that Yes, I am not an expert, but I pray to Allah, that years from now, I can look back at this post & feel contentment that I supported Our Prime Minister in a very unpopular decision he took for MY WELFARE.

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