Vision #DigitalPakistan of Imran Khan -By Husnain Tanveer Kazmi

digital pakistan
digital pakistan

Vision #DigitalPakistan of Imran Khan; Syed Husnain Tanveer Kazmi’s take:

I have seen 15 countries, seen their day to day processes like how does the transport work, how do banks work, how do people get services like tax administration from their government etc.

The Nordics do almost all of the above mentioned stuff in the best manner.

For example, all Nordic countries give you a code called social security number (SSN). Its based on birth date. Using that number, you can access your bank information, tax details, all the property ownership, car ownerships, your unemployment benefits details, your marriage related details, I mean everything. Its like having an online vault of every damn piece of information that is associated to you.

This is what Imran Khan is going for. He has realized that in this ever corrupt nation, you can’t do anything unless everything is documented. That’s why there is hue and cry.

He is doing the right thing, something that all previous governments never wanted to do because it opens up their own ill earned money and resources.


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