Dr Shahid Masood interview after getting out of jail – 6 Feb 2019

Dr. Shahid Masood talks in an interview for the first time after getting out of jail.

Dr. Shahid Talks to Nadia Mirza in her program where she thanks him for joining. She asks him about how is he feeling after the sickness.

He says he is feeling alright and continues to talk.

I want to thank everyone who prayed for me. The treatment was being done at PIMS. I’m feeling better but I can’t share the details yet.

Part 1

Part 2

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Here is how he describes the story of Adiala jail:

“I want to thank the management of Adiala Jail, especially the superintendent for how they treated me there. There were many other people with me who were detained during the crackdown against the workers of TLP”

Falling Sick:

Dr. Shahid fell sick and he was transferred to the hospital of jail. He was not awake when he was transferred to PIMS.

He has also revealed that the ambulances were on standby for two days to take me to PIMS. The doctors from PIMS arrived at the medical facility of jail and performed a check-up.

They told him that he might have to be taken to the hospital but there was a major problem. The handcuffs were put on the same die where he wasn’t feeling right. 

The court appearance:

He used to appear in the courts with the handcuffs on. Dr. Shaahid had to walk through all the chambers of lawyers and everyone used to get surprised. He reveals that the judges were also surprised after seeing him that condition.

“I told the court that I won’t go to the hospital with the handcuffs. I have spent a good amount of time at PIMs. I have many colleagues there and it is not acceptable for me to go there in handcuffs and get tied to a bed.

The travel between the jail and the court:

“Billions of rupees are allocated just for the traveling between the jail and the court. There are more than 500 people who get to travel every day from the jail to the court.”


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