In a Week Full of Exposes, Fawad Alam has become the Real Hero

  • Recently, the screenshots of an alleged conversation between Imam-ul-Haq and women started doing the rounds on social media, then hashtag #FawadAlamExposed was trending on Twitter.
  • After Imam-ul-Haq’s scandal, there was news on Twitter that a few other cricketers are about to be exposed.
  • Fawad Alam has been exposed but not like you would imagine, ‘In the meantime, just remember Imam’s controversy’.
In a Week Full of Exposes, Fawad Alam has become the Real Hero
In a Week Full of Exposes, Fawad Alam has become the Real Hero

In recent days various controversies have outspread and gave social media users plenty to talk about, It seems like it was an exposing week for celebrities and cricketers.

The hashtag #Exposed seems to be the most favorite one for social media users considering they start using it for anything and everything, no matter if there’s anything to expose at all.

On Twitter, a hashtag started trending on number one and once you click on it, you’ll realize that people have smartly used it to highlight Fawad’s achievement and question the PCB’s decision of not selecting him.

From Mohsin Abbas Haider to Imam-ul-Haq, there have been so many things going on in our celebrities’ private lives and it has been the talk of the town.

The hashtag #FawadAlamExposed is trending on Twitter but not for the reason you think. He has neither beaten up his wife nor is a sexual predator.

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Fawad Alam has been one of the most consistent performers in Pakistan and itis shock for many people that the all-rounder has still not made the team.

Being a respectable cricketer with plenty of fans, FawadAlam keeps on piling runs in the domestic cricket despite being ignored for selection every year.

Some Twitter users have used the hashtag #Exposed and turned it into something positive.



The injustice being done to Fawad needed to be highlighted and Twitter has done it in a rather odd way. Many Twitter users shared his records to highlight his impressive numbers and demanded that he needs another chance to represent his country at the top level.

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