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Facebook logins being sold on the dark web for £2 each

Research from Money Guru revealed the shockingly low cost of stolen access credentials shortly after Facebook announced a data breach affecting 50 million users 

This horrendous news has been announced by a report, coming just hours after it was revealed that an enormous data breach has left at least 50 million Facebook accounts compromised.

The research also found that hacked email logins are also being flogged on dark web marketplaces. The accounts are easily accessible to anyone with the right browser and web address.

The price:

The research by Money Guru found that Facebook logins can be bought from £2.30 and email logins for as little as £2.10, while credit cards can be bought from £10.40 and debit cards from £14.90.

It is found that someone’s entire online identity could be bought for just £744.30, which would buy access to online shopping accounts, entertainment services, and social media accounts.

The social media revealed that hackers had stolen security details in one of the biggest cyber attacks in history.

Facebook logins being sold on the dark web for £2 each
Facebook logins being sold on the dark web for £2 each

The data for sale would also include personal information in the affected accounts such as home address and phone number.

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How is it possible?

What people may not know is that it takes just 10 minutes for a scammer with the right software to access dark websites that claim to sell the login details, an investigation found.

Social media accounts are frequently stolen to sell to companies with low morals when it comes to targeted advertising.

How was it found out?

The adverts for stolen profiles were discovered by price comparison firm Money Guru. Its researchers also found adverts for credit card numbers, PayPal, Amazon, Tesco and eBay accounts.

They looked at the 26 most commonly used websites with details advertised for sale. At an estimate, it would cost a scammer £744 to buy access to them.

James MacDonald, of Money Guru, said:

This just goes to show how vital it is to protect your data where possible to avoid facing the costly consequences

James Macdonalds Money Guru


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