Actor Fahad Mirza Transforms His Mother With A Cosmetic Surgery

Actor and cosmetologist Dr. Fahad Mirza, husband of Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani, has recently carried out cosmetic surgery on his mother.

Fahad Mirza posted a picture of his mother before and after the surgery on the story of his Instagram account and told that he had transformed his mother’s face after the surgery and his pictures started circulating on social media.

The actor’s mother has undergone ‘fat grafting’ surgery. At the same time, the actor also made a funny caption saying,

“I am serving my mother. This service will surely beat giving your mother a foot massage.”

What is fat grafting surgery?

Fat Grafting Surgery is a treatment in which excess fat is removed from body parts such as the thighs, abdomen or face, which transforms that part of the body.

However, The actor’s mother’s picture has received mixed reactions from social media users.

It is to be noted that many actors associated with Showbiz have undergone facial surgeries which they have also admitted in their own interviews.

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