This is how FATF has become a political tool against Pakistan.


This is how FATF has become a political tool
This is how FATF has become a political tool
  • Pakistan has fulfilled the FATF requirements just like any country on the ‘White list’
  • There is a need to not only highlight FATF’s prejudice against Pakistan but also challenge it.
  • Pakistan’s placement on FATF’s grey list is definitely more political than regulatory.


If FATF is not a political tool then what about India who has sponsored/ finance terrorism in Pakistan through BLA and Kulbhushan Jadhav? These are not merely some blames/accusations against India but Pakistan has actually provided irrefutable evidence. The statements and confessions of the Indian Spy Kulbhushan Yadev are more than enough to prove the Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan.

If it is not a tool to blackmail Pakistan then FATF must see why criminals like Nirav
Deepak Modi (an Indian diamond merchant), Nawaz Sharif, and Ishaq Dar were not extradited to their respective countries despite requests.

FATF has started to look more like a political bargain chip for western countries including India to pressurize Pakistan to follow their agenda or to serve their interests. FATF is one of several ways for the US to exert pressure on Pakistan to “do more” on issues of US Interests.

Pakistan has done more than what was required but it continues to suffer because of
India’s big say in the Asian FATF meeting. In light of Colliers International Report about billions of GBP pouring in the UK to buy prime properties in London. Would FATF dare to check the money trails of investors there and the huge surge in Swiss Banks Accounts, the Indians said to be on top.

Europe welcomes stolen money. Money laundering and Tax evasion are normal there.

The prime example of the UK welcoming the money launderers is the stay of Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain in their country. Altaf Hussain has been wanted in many murder and money laundering cases, Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced in a corruption case in Pakistan but they are provided safe heavens in the UK.

Financing terror against Palestinians, Iraq, and Syria is normal. Where is the role of FATF?

If we look more into the Indian case, it has 44 Banks caught by the US, money laundering, terror financing. uranium black market, sponsoring terrorism with Kulbhushan Jhadev as proof, running terror camps in Afghanistan. FATF will unravel if it does not show sincerity in its field, across the board and does not allow politics to dictate its decisions.

The dangers posed by nuclear black markets of India:

We have recently witnessed that India has become an attractive place for the suppliers of nuclear black markets.   The world is waiting to see FATF, US, IAEA, and other regulatory bodies take an action or at least speak about it.

By Arslan Akbar

Twitter: @Arslanakbarx

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