FBR Changes 95 of its officers amid revenue shortfall

FBR Changes 95 of its officers amid revenue shortfall

170 billion Revenue shortfall of Rs.170 billion was widely distributed in the FBR. According to the separate issued notification.


The Land Revenue service grade, according to Islamabad, Lahore orders the appointment of 21 officers.

Grade 21 of grade 20, grade 21 of grade 19, grade 20 of grade 18, grade 15 of grade 17 and grades 16 of 2, and 5 customs officers of grade 21 of grade 21 of grade 21, grade 20, have been released.

Here is the list of names:

  • The additional charge of DG Research and Development was given to the DG Infrastructure Miss ShehrBanoWalajai.
  • The DG Directorate General of Intelligence Audit AsimHamad was given additional charge of DG (BTB) and DG (non-real estate).
  • After giving the charge of DG Post Clearance Audit to Abdul Rasheed Sheikh, the charge of DG Internal Audit Custom was also given.
  • An additional charge of the DG International Audit Customs was given to Suraya Ahmed Butt.
  • Sarfraz Ahmed Warraichwas has given charge of Chief Collector Customs South Karachi.
  • The charge of DG Director of Transit Trade Karachi was given toWasif Ali Memon.
  • ArsalanSubugtaginof Pakistan Customs was given charge of the Chief Collector Customers Karachi with DG OPS, DG Infrastructure Islamabad.
  • MukaramJahan Ansari was given the DG (OPS) Director General Custom Karachi.
  • AsifMahmoodJha was given the additional charge of the DG Reforms and Auto Automation along with the Customs (OPS) North Islamabad.
  • Abdul BasitChaudhrywas gave the DG (OPS) Directorate General Input-Output Organization Karachi.
  • Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhary has been deployed as the Customs (OPS) Infrastructure Quota.
  • Waseem HayatBajwaKodiJiof the Federal Board of Revenue was employed as the Federal Government Employees Foundation.

The government of Punjab passed the 15-day leave of Additional Secretary Trade, RafaySyed and 5-day leave of Commissioner Social Security SaqibManan.

While ZahidSohailas deputy secretary, GhulamRasoolBhatti, Deputy Secretary, Board of Revenue and the orders have been issued for the federal report to relieve SyedaNaseemGhazala from Punjab.

The Additional IG Establishment Ejaz Shah has defused 24 Inspectors:

  • Inspector NaeemAkhtar as Counter Terrorism Department Headquarters Lahore
  • Inspector Mahdi Hassan Kazmi to Sheikhupura Region Office
  • Inspector JamshaidAkram to Multan Regional Office
  • Inspector RazaZakir to SheikhupuraRegion office
  • Inspector Abdul Rauf toSahiwal Region Office
  • Inspector Abdul Junaid Khan to Counter Terrorism Department Headquarters
  • Inspector Sher Mohammad Pasha, Inspector Amir Malik, Inspector AnjumTauqeer, SheikhupuraRegional Office
  • Inspector Asghar, Inspector Naeem Zia, Inspector Shabir Hussain Shah Faisalabad Regional Office
  • Inspector Syed IftikharHussain, Sheikhupura Regional Office
  • Inspector Naseeb Ashraf, Sargodha Regional Office
  • Inspector Saeed Ahmed, Multan Regional Office
  • Inspector Nawab Hussein, Sheikhupura Regional Office
  • Inspector Afzal Ahmed, Sahiwal Regional Office
  • Inspector Nadim Abbas, Rawalpindi Regional Office
  • Inspector Zahid Saleem, Sheikhupura Regional Office
  • InspectorGhulamMurtaza, Inspector Rashid Saleem, Inspector Rana Imran, Sahiwal Regional Office
  • Inspector Azhar Hussain and Inspector Fayaz Ali Awan have been posted to Multan Regional Office.

Islamabad Federal government asked FBR about a shortfall of Rs.170 billion during the first half of the current fiscal year. While taking notice of the shortfall, it also asked for the details of tax cases from the FBR.

According to the sources, during the first half of the current fiscal year (July-December), Federal Board of Revenue shortfall has reached the highest level of date with 170 billion rupees, while 65 billion during last month (December).

FBR Changes 95 of its officers amid revenue shortfall

As per sources, the target of six months of operation could not be achieved. Big reasons for the reduction in revenue are a reduction in income tax on salaries, termination of tax on mobile phone calls and other measures are being done.

Taxes details:

Sources told that the income tax on salaries Reduction of Rs.52 billion in 6 months, by eliminating the tax on mobile phones, 54 billion rupees and other measures including a reduction in duty on raw materials, declined by about Rs.20 billion.

Revenue Target:

Revenue target for the current fiscal year is 4398 billion, while in the first 6 months the target was Rs1948 billion, out of which about Rs.1823 billion was collected.

On such a large revenue shortfall, the federal government has taken noticeable steps and an important meeting will be held in the Ministry of Finance on January 4th, in which the FBR officials will be briefed on the reasons for the shortfall.

The federal government has also asked the FBR for the details of tax thieves.


Source: 92 News

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