FIA reports massive irregularities in housing schemes

FIA reports massive irregularities in housing schemes

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has reported massive irregularities in various cooperative housing schemes scattered across the country.

A report was submitted to the Supreme Court. The FIA has stated about the housing schemes which have not cooperated with FIA’s Joint Investigation Teams (JITs).

What does the report say?

JITs have been able to complete the forensic audit of 72% of the cooperative housing societies and 88% of the private housing schemes.

Under the Cooperative Societies Act 1925, 631 cooperative housing societies are registered in Pakistan. Out of these 631 societies, 452 cooperative housing societies have been audited.

Out of 452, only 51 have been found law-abiding.

Legal action will be taken:

Legal action will be taken against the rest of the societies by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the FIA and Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE).

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Around 3,186 private housing schemes are registered across the country and 2,814 have been audited. Out of these 2,814, only 248 have been found law-abiding.

More details from the report:

Most of the cooperative housing societies have purchased on disputed lands. Also, the societies have not adopted the proper procedure and the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules.

It was also reported that a huge number of societies have extended their area illegally. These societies are selling the illegal area as part of the society.

In some cases, applications have been submitted for regularization of such illegal extension. But in many other cases, not even such application has been put in.

FIA reports massive irregularities in housing schemes

Such an extension in some cases is several times greater than the size of the actual society. Files for more plots are sold than the actual number of plots available with the society at low rates.


Plots are allotted to some of the applicants through random balloting. Booking and sale of plots are not regulated by any agency. The income produced in this manner is used for the development of society.

Even after developmental work has been done, the reports are not provided to the regulator. The report says that mortgaged plots are sold before being released from the regulator.

Whereas encroachment on the park, mosque, graveyard, and public sites is very common.

Revenue record:

Revenue record is not updated when the sale/purchase of property is made. Most of the land purchased by the societies are not in a compact block form. It is scattered over a huge area that makes it impossible to develop a housing project.

Completion of the audit:

The Supreme Court has directed the FIA to complete the audit within one month. Societies are directed to respond and the court will evolve mechanism regarding their regularization.

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