‘Backstabbed Yet Fighting Like Champion’ Shahveer Jafri Stands By PM Khan

Leading YouTuber and actor Shahveer Jafari has commented on the current political situation in the country.

The political climate in the country has been tense since the opposition filed a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister in the National Assembly.

In a statement released on Twitter, Shahveer Jafari praised Prime Minister Imran Khan and advised people to “become champions like Imran Khan”.

“Be a champion like Imran khan. Wounded and back stabbed yet fighting the battle like a freaking champion! This generation will remember him and learn from him.” YouTuber wrote.

“Our future is bright,” he added.

It should be noted that after agreement reached between MQM Pakistan and PPP last night, the number game in the National Assembly has once again gone in favor of the opposition.

After which it seems that the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has lost its majority in the National Assembly.

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