Frustration of Hamid Mir about social media and response from Maleeha Hashmey

  • Hamid Mir has been speaking pretty boldly about his possible ‘arrest’ 
  • It happened just because there was a trend on Twitter about arresting some journos. 
  • Maleeha Hashmey, A social media activist, talks about Hamid Mir in one of her videos. 
  • Hamir Mir picks up a few seconds and portrays it out of context. 
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Hamid Mir vs Maleeha Hashmey

Let’s take a look at what actually made Hamir Mir angry

In this video, Maleeha talks about Hamid Mir’s way of defending the opposition and supporting Indian narrative after the Mumbai Attacks. It was mentioned that how Hamid Mir is defending everyone who gets arrested.

The use of foul language by Hamid Mir.

Hamid Mir was so much frustrated after the video from Maleeha and the reaction on social media, that he loses his temper. He in his frustration, calls her as “Besharam Aurat” and continues to show his anger.

These are the type of people who are sitting on the media for almost two decades and teaching everyone about “difference of opinion” and “freedom of expression”.

But when someone expresses their opinion about these journalists, they lose their cool and start spitting venom.

Response from Maleeha after Hamid Mir’s frustrated video:

Dear Mr. Hamid Mir, it might be okay for you to talk to women like this but it is not oka for us. We respect our women, children, and elder. It doesn't suit your stature either,

Maleesha Hashmey Social Media activist

Maleeha explains the reason for making the first video.

When Rana Sana Ullah was arrested by the Anti-narcotics force, a group of journalists started defending him. Hamid Mir was on the front foot to defend Rana Sana Ullah after his arrest.

Then he was frustrated when he wasn’t allowed to air the interview of Asif Ali Zardari.

Maleeha raises all these points in her video but Hamid Mir picks a small part of the video and plays it with his own narrative (which was totally out of context)


There is no ban or arrest warnings from Govt. to Hamid Mir but he’s continuously hammering the point that he might be arrested. Probably because he’s saying it for ‘just in case’.

The trending on Twitter has made many journalists frustrated & upset and Mir was one of them. This recent episode with Maleeha is only going to damage him as social media activists are standing with her stance.

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