Chohdry Ghulam Hussain talks about the upcoming trouble of Usman Buzdar

  • Senior Analyst Choudhry Ghulam Hussain talks about Usman Buzdar’s NAB proceeding.
  • He says that NAB is going to summon CM Punjab Usman Buzdar soon.
  • According to Chohdru Ghulam Hussain, NAB has started working on the case of Usman Buzdar.

Is PTI Govt in trouble in Punjab? Here is what Chohdry Ghulam Hussain has to say:

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NAB can call Sardar Usman Buzdar and his relative chief secretary any time soon – Claims Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain his live show at GNN. He reveals that there has been a difference of 20 million and 80 million in an official transaction.

The NAB will look into the matter of the reaming 60 million Rupees.

The matter:

Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain explains that some permits were issued by the administration of Usman Buzdar. The permits on a matter that was banned for 3 decades.

Not only Usman Buzdar but everyone who was involved in the process might get a call from NAB.

The claim of breaking news:

The analyst Ghulam Hussain also claims that you will see this breaking news in the upcoming days. The time is near when the Chief Minister of the largest province of Pakistan will be called by NAB for investigations.

Warning Imran Khan and PTI:

He warns prime minister Imran Khan regarding the upcoming matter of Usman Buzdar and says it might be damaging for PTI Govt in the province.

He also claims that it might be a huge change for the administration of Punjab.

Talking about the cost:

His counterpart Saeed Qazi teased him by saying that there is a corruption of billions and billions in the country. So what if someone has stolen 60 million?

Ghulam Hussain responds by saying that corruption is corruption even if its of 6 rupees. If a pencil costs 2 Rs, and it’s being bought in 8 Rs, We have the right to ask about the rest of 6 rupees.


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