Here is how Google Stadia will change Gaming like Netflix changed TV

    • Google Stadia enables you to play any high-end game right in your browser.
    • No extra hardware required to run high-end games. 
    • Google Stadia will manage all the hardware part for you. 
    • It is being termed as the Netflix for gaming. 

Here is how the Google CEO and other Google Employees have explained it.


CEO Sundar Pichai:

Sundar Pichai at Stadia event

At work on game streaming technology and last fall, we launched our first public test with project stream as some of you guessed a technical test wasn’t the whole view of our ambition.

Just probably the worst kept secret in the industry. Internally we were actually testing our ability to stream high-fidelity graphics or a low latency network.

How will it work:

Sundar Pichai at Stadia launch event.

We learned that we could bring a triple a game to any device with the Chrome browser and an internet connection using the best of Google to create a powerful game platform.

So now we have focused on our next big effort which is to build a game platform for everyone and when we say for everyone we really
mean it.

Gaming for everyone

It’s one of our most cherished values as a company are it Android or
Chrome or AI we are dead serious about making technology accessible for

Other Google representatives:


Here is what the other team members had to say about the Google Stadia.

I’m honored to be part of a team at heed that has spent more than 25 years on the bleeding edge of technical innovation.

When we first met with Google about the game streaming, frankly, we were skeptical about how it would work and in particular how it could work with a game like Doom.

Doom on Stadia

However, we recognized not just your ability and resources to make the game-streaming a reality but more importantly the passion to support a game as fast fluid and uncompromising as Doom.

After all, if you’re going to prove to the world that you can stream games from the cloud. What better proof than Doom and if you’re going to prove to a developer that you’re serious about building a robust platform.

Doom Eternal

What better team than it’d where we push every platform to its limit. In fact, back in 2016, Doom was the first triple-A game released on Vulcan. Because Stadia is built on that same Vulkan API, it didn’t take us
more than a few weeks to get us upcoming sequel Doom.

Eternal looking and playing great on stadia, built on the fun
and sense of power players expects from the series Doom.

Eternal is a pure and unfiltered action FPS experience you play as an unstoppable hero. A hero sent to destroy hell’s fiercest demons across an
expanding the universe of unbelievable locations.

4K Gaming in a browser:

4K gaming on Stadia

“We couldn’t be happier to be bringing doom eternal to stadia and are
thrilled to announce that the game will be capable of running a true 4k
resolution with HDR color at an unrelenting 60 frames per second”.

Stay Diaz focused on empowering both creators and viewers to achieve new
heights by breaking barriers of content capture in creating unique ways to
engage with and grow a creators audience.

Monetizing the gaming experience:

Established creators will have new ways to engage and monetize on YouTube with Stadia features. With aspiring creators were going to break down the barrier of entry and capturing content by giving you the ability to highlight live stream and capture directly from Stadium.

We’ve already seen the idea of any youtube link being a direct access
point into the game and that is a huge opportunity for both big and small


Creators’ connection with the audience:

We’re empowering creators to forge deeper connections with their
audience and one of those ways will be to make it easier to actually game with them often when you’re watching a stream.

The Crowd Play:

Google Stadia Crowd Play

You find yourself wishing you could be in there playing alongside with your
favorite creators on traditional platforms.

You’d have to fire up your console or your PC and just hope that you get matched up with them.

However, with Stadia and a new feature called Crowd Play you’ll be able to simply click a button displayed right in the stream and jump in and play with YouTube.

How to jump into the game:

A stream of NBA 2k the person watching can simply click the link and be placed into the lobby for the next game. If you think about it, crowd play can act like an all-new Lobby system for games.

With Stadia, YouTube becomes the ultimate discovery and engagement tool for content and of course, YouTube creators want full management capabilities over this feature.

Soon we’ll have more information to share on these engagement tools and how we’ll be working with you to connect with and build your communities.


The endless possibilities:

Imagine you are watching games on YouTube and you discover the latest
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey trailer on Ubisoft official channels on YouTube.

You will notice the Play Now button by simply clicking on that button the
a player is brought directly into the game in a browser in as quick as 5 seconds with no download,  No patch no update and no install.

Playing on Google Stadia

The easiest accessibility:

Stadia offers instant access to play our platform vision/stadia is
to reduce the friction between getting excited about a game. Playing a game on stadia, you just need to click on a youtube video or link and you can be playing your game instantly.

“A key the benefit of our platform is that a single creative vision and a single codebase can now be enjoyed instantly across any screen with Stadia”

The role of the Data Center:

The data center is your platform there is no console that limits the developer’s creative ideas. No console that limits where gamers can

So imagine you’ve just discovered that game for the first time you’re
running it on the Chrome browser and here it is on a pixel book running the
Chrome OS.

The Live Demos

Here is basically no hardware acceleration on that laptop whatsoever
and the game is running directly from our data center.

Stadia Gameplay Demo

It’s then easy and instantaneous to move that same game
experience from exactly that moment on to the phone here on a pixel 3xl.

Stadia Demo on the phone

Then finally we move seamlessly to the TV. So this TV is accessed using this which is a Chromecast ultra HDMI streamer there is no console required to reach this experience.

Chromecast used for Stadia

We’re also enabling players to use your existing USB controller or mouse and keyboard when playing stadia on a laptop or PC by eliminating that friction that the barrier to entry.

The Stadia Controller:

Stadia controller

Google will make it simple and easy for players who want to try
stadia for the first time but of course, They will have their own controller that has been uniquely designed to enhance the experience for the stadia player.

I'd like to introduce you to the newestmember of the Google Hardware family the stadia controller.


This is your gateway to the best of stadia. It enables you to access the full
stadia experience and there are many advantages to the stadia controller.

The first is that it will connect through Wi-Fi directly to the game that
is running in the Google Data Center.

Features of Stadia controller

The stadia controller identifies which screen or device you want to play on and links it with your game session running in the cloud.

It ensures the highest possible performance and the best experience for players.

In addition to the standard functions, you’d expect to
see on a modern game controller the stadia controller features two very important new buttons.

Functions of stadia controller

The capture button is for sharing and saving your game
experience back out to YouTube.

The gamer can choose to share their experiences starting with a click of this button to themselves to their friends or to the world they are in control.

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The second one is the Google assistant button.

Pressing this button allows players to immediately access the controllers.
A built-in microphone so they can get help from the assistant for special in-game features integrated by developers.

Check out the full video here:


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