Government Comes Up With Rs. 8 Billion 28 Crore Ramzan Package

ISLAMABAD: The government has started preparations to give a massive Ramadan package of Rs. 8.28 billion to utility stores during holy month.

According to media reports, the government has started preparing big Ramadan packages at utility stores, under which 19 essential items will be subsidized.

Sources said that last year a Ramadan package of Rs. 7.84 billion was given to the utility stores, however, considering the ratio of inflation this year, a package of Rs. 8.28 billion is proposed this year.

According to the sources of Utility Stores Corporation, it is proposed to allocate maximum subsidy for ghee under Ramadan relief package. A subsidy of Rs. 4.5 billion is proposed for ghee specifically.

A subsidy of Rs. 2.53 billion is proposed for flour, while a subsidy of Rs. 75 crore is proposed for sugar.

According to sources, a subsidy of Rs 2.5 crore is proposed on basmati rice, Rs. 10 million on sela rice and Rs. 36 million on broken rice.

A subsidy of Rs. 3 crore is proposed for Dal Chana, Rs. 3 crore for Dal Masoor and Rs. 5 crore for white gram.

Utility Stores Corporation sources said that relief will also be provided to citizens on more than 1500 different branded items from utility stores.

And for this relief the Utility Stores Corporation is liaising with different brands so that the rates of different brands of items can be reduced for the utility stores.

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