Govt to Launch Five-year roadmap – A guide to Development

Govt to Launch Five-year roadmap – A guide to Development and Implementation

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has decided to launch a five-year roadmap to ensure development work in different sectors during its tenure.

This decision has been taken in a meeting of the cabinet during a presentation on the 100-day plan. The cabinet has given a presentation on the progress of 100 days plan of the present government and future roadmap.

The Focus:

The cabinet informed that communication strategy has been developed for dissemination of information. It will focus on areas such as:

  • Social protection
  • 100 billion tree plantation program
  • Agriculture emergency plan
  • Tourism
  • Education

Five-year roadmap:



A five-year roadmap will be launched during an event at the Convention Centre. Different targets under the five-year roadmap will be announced by the government. Developments in different sectors will be discussed.


During the meeting, the cabinet discussed to review mechanism before a certain policy related to various segments of the 100-day plan is made public. Any action having policy implementations would need to be considered and approved by the cabinet before it is rolled out.

The Execution:

The cabinet decided that all major segments of the 100-day plan will be managed in such a way that they do not overlap in terms of time. So that it has maximum effectiveness in creating awareness for the public at large.

It was also decided that interventions of the 100-day plan related to social protection program will be finalized in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.

Govt to Launch Five-year roadmap – A guide to Development and Implementation

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Initiatives and actions that have policy implications should be submitted for consideration. The approval of the cabinet will be granted after seeking the due concurrence of the Prime Minister.


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s government had until now gained good public support. “The current government’s performance is better than the previous government’s performance,” a report stated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government will present a comprehensive program to the nation. It will show the government’s performance and direction in education, health, poverty alleviation and other vital sectors during the first 100 days.

He said that it is important to report about the first 100 days. Because it tells people about the government’s direction and future course of action.

Final Thoughts:

The first 100 days of PTI Govt will set the direction. Its easier to achieve a goal for the government when:

  • The beginning is good and positive.
  • The destination is clear.
  • The road to that destination is mentioned.
  • And there is a plan to execute the ideas.

PTI-Led Government can perform better than all of the previous ones. It might not be as good as their election slogans but it will be definitely better than others.

Why so?

We have witnessed the same in KPK. It was the first turn of PTI Govt and it still performed way better than previous governments. The people of KPK have elected a political party twice for the first time in history.

So this concludes that this government is going to perform well.

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