Govt of Punjab Responds to the fake news regarding LTC Buses


Fake News of LTC buses clarified
Fake News of LTC buses clarified
  • A digital media publisher and a local news channel of Lahore ran news about the LTC buses being sold.
  • The news claimed that the buses are being sold as scrap.
  • Govt of Punjab responds to the story and clarifies the matter.
  • Turns out, the buses were the property of the private company.


The LTC buses were not owned by the Govt of Punjab – Official response from the Govt

This is how the Govt. of Punjab has rebutted and clarified the fake news:


Reality behind the LTC buses
Reality behind the LTC buses

Reality check:

  • The buses were not the property of Govt.
  • They were owned by a private company.
  • The Govt has decided to bring new Electric buses and that’s pretty much the reason these LTC buses were phased out.
  • Because of the above-mentioned facts, the LTC buses were found at the scrap-yard.

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