KP Govt and traders pledge to revive past glory of Peshawar

Govt, traders pledge to revive past glory of Peshawar

The district administrations and traders have agreed to work jointly for the restoration of the past glory of Peshawar

They also agreed to repair the historical wall of the city and other archaeological sites to promote tourism and to bring back the past glory.

On Sunday, a meeting was held between Deputy Commissioner Dr. Imran Hamid and leaders of Peshawar Chamber of Small Traders.

Delay in various services:

The Chamber leaders raised various issues regarding the delay in:

  • Completion of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Lack of security
  • Encroachment
  • Cleanliness
  • Water supply
  • Traffic problems

They said that the government should take the traders on board while taking any decision regarding repair and widening of roads.

What does Deputy Commissioner say?

The Deputy Commissioner said that the government is planning to restore the past glory of Peshawar.

It is the duty of the business community to take part in the clean and green campaign. He said that efforts were being made to promote local tourism.

Buggy service:

“Buggy service would be started on one lane of Dalazak Road in the afternoon in consultation with Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” the Commissioner said.


Food Street to be enhanced:

Dr. Imran said that the food street would be made more attractive for the people by introducing various dishes. These steps would help to generate jobs for the local people.

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Provision of foolproof security:

He said that necessary steps would be taken for provision of foolproof security to the traders. He said that arms licenses would be issued to traders with maximum possible legal relaxation.

A separate meeting:

Earlier a separate meeting of the Chamber’s executive was held wherein different issues were discussed.


People who were present in the meeting:

  • Senior businessman Ihtesham Haleem
  • Malik Mehr Ilahi
  • Haji Shakeel Ahmed Khan
  • Haji Zubair Ali
  • Malik Inam
  • Atif Haleem
  • Haji Tila Mohammad
  • Mohammad Ismail
  • Rehman Gul
  • Atif Shehzad

The traders said that they will protest if the food street will be established near historical sites.

What does the President say?

The President of Chamber said:

“The traders would not cooperate with the government unless they were taken on board before launching any project in the city.”

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