Govt Strive to Transform PIA into Efficient, Profitable Entity

  • The government is committed to turning PIA into a profitable institution because it’s a national flag carrier and a symbol of Pakistan’s identification abroad.
  • A crackdown has been started against employees violating the airline’s rules and having fake education credentials.
  • PIA has decided to add 12 new aircraft to its fleet and PM Imran Khan approved the purchase of additional planes.
Govt Strive to Transform PIA into Efficient, Profitable Entity
Govt Strive to Transform PIA into Efficient, Profitable Entity

The government is striving to transform the PIA into an efficient entity because it is a symbol of Pakistan’s identification abroad and a national flag carrier.

Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a meeting and reviewed efforts for bringing the PIA on modern lines. He observed that PIA was pushed into trouble due to the mismanagement of the previous governments.

During The Meeting:

The officials held comprehensive discussions on the induction of new and modern planes in the present PIA fleet, provision of better facilities to the passengers, and capacity enhancement of the organization with a view of future requirements.

The CEO of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) informed PM Imran Khan that due to the untiring efforts of the current management of PIA, the airline’s losses were reducing continuously.

He said:

“Pakistan had enough air transport potential which was set to increase more than two-fold in the next two decades.”

After bringing the PIA on modern lines, its profit would witness a surge and give a boost to the business and tourism activities in the country.

PIA Revenue Jumps 30% During Jan-Jun 2019:

From January 2019 to June 2019, the national flag carrier achieved a breakthrough and its revenue has been increased by 30% in the first six months of 2019.

At the end of March 2019, PIA announced that it had come out of losses at the operational level as its revenues slightly exceeded the operating cost in the quarter that ended March 31.

During the first year of the incumbent government, the Aviation Division devised a business model to drag PIA out of the depths of accumulated losses worth Rs450 billion.

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This is how Revenue is increased:

The improvement in revenues came from the introduction of new profitable routes including:

  • Sialkot-Sharjah
  • Islamabad-Doha
  • Lahore-Muscat
  • Sialkot-Paris
  • Sialkot-Barcelona
  • Multan-Sharjah
  • Peshawar-Sharjah
  • Peshawar-Al-Ain

Cost-Reduction Measures:

The government has initiated cost-reduction measures to narrow down losses of PIA. The airline brought two grounded aircraft into service, which was expected to add more than Rs6 billion to its revenues annually.

National Aviation Policy:

The Aviation Division framed the National Aviation Policy 2019 under which it issued tourism promotion and regional integration (TPRI) licenses to steer tourism and regional connectivity.

Furthermore, it initiated the separation of regulatory and service provider functions of the Civil Aviation Authority to steer efficiency in aviation activities.

The authority claimed to have 3,200 job opportunities within or under the Aviation Division in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan of creating employment for the youth.

In the first year of his governance, Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated the newly constructed Gwadar International Airport. The government also began upgrading the airfield lighting system at Gwadar and Quetta airports.

Crackdown against Employees having Fake Educational Credentials:

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has initiated crackdown against its employees having jobs through fake educational credentials.

Employees having fake academic credentials and taking vacations illegally were fired. In the first phase of the crackdown, PIA fired three air hostesses and a flight steward from the flight services departments.

They were fired for taking long vacations which is against the rules of PIA. Administration of PIA had fired flight attendants and steward under the Service Discipline Regulation 1985.

PIA to Add 12 New Aircrafts to its Fleet:

During a meeting of the Aviation Division, Prime Minister Imran Khan approved the purchase of additional planes for PIA’s existing fleet.

The Premier was given a detailed briefing by the CEO of PIA Arshad Malik on the future aircraft requirements of the national flag carrier as well as its business plan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan took a briefing on the induction of new aircraft in the current PIA fleet that provided efficient facilities to passengers and increased PIA’s efficiency.

While briefing the premier, CEO PIA said that the national flag carrier is on its path of improvement and its deficit is also shrinking due to the efforts of the current government.

‘Overall 12 new planes will be added to the airline’s fleet by 2023’

In the initial phase, four airplanes will be added to the fleet by 2020. The airplanes will be medium-sized and will be used for domestic and regional routes of travel. Further, PM was also told that the size of PIA’s fleet will be increased to 45 by 2023.

Promotions of Flight Attendants:

Earlier in August, Pakistan International Airlines had announced a record number of promotions of 1,000 flight attendants. It is noted as the highest-ever figure in the history citing past records.

For the first time in history, a large number of scale promotions were made in the Flight Services Department of the national flag-carrier. More than 600 flight attendants were promoted from Grade 4 to Grade 5. In addition to this, the department also approved the promotion of more than 100 ground staff members to the next grade.

PM Give Directions to Improve PIA’s Operations:

Prime Minister Imran ordered to improve airline’s operations and increase travel facilities. He directed the finance ministry to cooperate with PIA for the purchase of the new aircraft. He has reiterated the government’s commitment to turn Pakistan International Airlines into a profitable and vibrant institution.

“Pakistan International Airlines is not only a national institution but also the identity of the country worldwide,” PM said.



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